Tutorials, How to: User Scenarious and their List of Test Cases


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Detailed Separated User Scenarios experiences

US1.    Using City Dashboards

US2.    Using and Creating Snap4City Applications with Dashboards

US3.    Using and Creating Developer Dashboards, AMMA dashboard, and/or Resource Dashboards

US4.    Creating City Dashboards and related Event Monitoring and Actions

US5.    Discovering City Services Exploiting Knowledge Base via ServiceMap

US6.    Developing and using processes for data transformation

US7.    Data Analytics and related integration aspects

US8.    Using the Living Lab Support tools

US9.    Creating Snap4City IOT Applications, different formats, protocols, brokers, communications

US10.    Using and Managing the Scalable Snap4City Infrastructure

US11.    Using tools/services of a secure and privacy respectfully solution