HOW To: Manage BMP and BIM: main features of openMAINT, BMP, BIM


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Please note that in Snap4City Global and Local Digital Twins are integrated with IOT models, maps, heatlamps, etc.

OpenMaint is an open source solution and it

  • is a reliable and scalable web solution that can be completely used through a standard browser. openMAINT implements Business Process Management (BPM) functions to draw workflows and assign specific operations to users/offices, and assist them to check the development and the correct working
  • includes BIM capabilities with its integration with BIM Server as described in the following.
  • is available also for mobile devices (for Android and iOS smartphones and tables).
  • allows the management of mobile assets (buildings, infrastructure, etc.), plants and technical devices (electric panels, heating and cooling, light fixture, fire extinguishers, etc.), furniture, etc., and the related logistical, economical and maintenance activities (scheduled and corrective ones).
  • helps the managing authority to know, organize and update those data related to the asset inventory, in order to support their decision and operative procedures.
  • can be customized in order to shape over the environment where it operates, usually made up of procedures, documents, roles and responsibilities, technical restrictions, textual data and georeferences, external systems to interact, etc.
  • provide features based on a unique and innovative engine CMDBuild, which allows to remodel data models, workflows and reports without modifying the code of the application software.

Functional areas of openMAINT include:

  • Space & Asset Inventory: Inventory of real estate assets, plants and related components, for a complete knowledge of their technical and functional characteristics.
  • Facility Management: Management processes of Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance of the assets registered in the system.
  • Logistic Management: Database of warehouses and warehouse items, handling of materials used in maintenance activities.
  • Economic Management: Management of budget, suppliers and contracts for the purchase of goods and services, registration of purchase orders and related costs.
  • Energy & Environment: Recording and analysis of energy consumption data of buildings.
  • BIM support: 2D vectorial plans and on 3D BIM models, synchronized with the design tools using IFC standard files

Main features of openMAINT, BMP, BIM are:

  • web based user interface
  • text and graphic browsing through the objects
  • complete history of the changes on any data card (versioning)
  • rapid and analytical searching functions for every card attribute
  • definition of filters and views for a customised access to data
  • classifications and lookups which can be autonomously customised
  • document file used to match every kind of file with every kind of card
  • workflow engine integrated with a visual editor for the graphic design of processes
  • report engine integrated with the visual editor for the report design
  • possibility to define customised web custom pages
  • complete outline of users, groups, permissions, and multitenant configuration
  • interoperability with other applications through webservice
  • CSV data import / export functionalities
  • possibility to configure and manage (task manager) automatic operations
  • possibility to configure e-mail for notifications and as communication tool
  • use of barcode and QR code to automatically recognize the items
  • possibility to configure connectors through external systems
  • Self-Service portal for non-technical users
  • mobile APP for the execution of the main features through tablets and smartphones
  • possibility to autonomously model the data scheme:
  • creation of new typologies of objects (classes)
  • creation of new attributes on pre-existing objects (attributes)
  • creation of new typologies of relations among objects (domains)
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

Buildings 3D shapes, and Floors are managed and distributed into the OpenMAINT tool, standard BIMServer tools are used for editing and interchange in IFC formats by standard tools as AutoDesk Revit, etc. Buildings and Floors are shown in Dashboards for their integration with maps and IoT Devices time trends. Both OpenMain and BimServer are open source solutions.