HOW TO manage Groups of Entities


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In Snap4City, a group of entities refers to a collection or aggregation of IoT Devices, sensors, IoT (Internet of Things) elements, Synoptics, Heatmaps, MyPOI, Device Models, data sources, Dashboards, MyKPI, etc., that are managed as a single unit within the platform. This concept is pivotal for organizing and providing delegation in access. Grouping entities allows users to perform queries across multiple items simultaneously, enhancing the management and operational capabilities within smart city ecosystems and IoT applications. This powerful tool may be accessible according to specific roles into the platform you have. 

Key aspects of groups of entities in Snap4City include:

  • Efficient Data Management: By grouping related entities, users can more efficiently manage large volumes of data. For instance, devices from the same geographical area, or serving a similar purpose can be grouped together for collective analysis and reporting, to be accessed by the same group of people with a single delegation.

  • Customized Control and Automation: In scenarios involving device control or automation, groups of entities enable collective actions. For example, controlling lighting in a specific district or managing water levels in multiple reservoirs based on aggregated data inputs.

In Snap4City, there is a specific tool for group creation and management:

Editing of the single Group of Entities