Helpdesk and Contact Information

This page contains the helpdesk contact information for Snap4city users and for commercial and future project and challenge activity.

For Technical questions please try with our H24/7   

For bug and problem report please use:

For any other kind of questions please use our contact Point:  also you can use our Contact form or direcly contact our personnel: 

  • Nicola Mitolo
    • Phone and WhatsApp: Nicola Mitolo, +39-347-6530884
    • Skype: nicola.mitolo
  • Paolo Nesi

if you prefer  to have a face to face talk you can book a meeting: (i) colocating it in one of the events we attend (see NEWS for the list); or (ii) visting us in Florence; or (iii) ask for our visit on your premise.
In any case, please send an email to or at above contacts. 

Snap4City platform has been developed by DISIT lab. Https:// 

Snap4City platform been created by using the Km4City framework as a technological ecosystem: Https:// which has been also created by DISIT Lab.

For Service Level Agreement see: Service Level Agreement

The service continuity in terms of API is monitored by E015 of Lombardia Region for H24/7 for Smart City API Km4City and resulted in an average of service availability above the 99% since several months. Km4City /Snap4City Smart City API Service Availability, robustness


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