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This page contains the helpdesk contact information for Snap4city users. The help desk is open H24/7 while the response to you email are typically produced at working hours: 8:30-19:00 CET time. Any occurrence of incidents is received by Help Desk personnel, classified and addressed in due time.

  • At the reception of the email (preferably) we perform the Incident identification, logging,  categorization and prioritization
  • incident is analysed via an Initial diagnosis, to identify the area and responsible which have to address it. The responsible(s) is(are) contacted and the priority revised. The areas are: Knowledge base, Dashboards, IOT Directory, IOT Devices, IOT Applications production, IOT Applications management, Security, DataGate, Resource Manage, Data Ingestion, Portal, Data Analytics, Scheduling/processing.
  • Incident resolution in taken in charge by one or more responsible, up to the Incident internal closure
  • Passed to the testing and regression testing, up to complete closure and reporting
  • Communication with the user community throughout the life of the incident

The incidents are classified as follows:

  • Critical -- Priority 1 = 8 hour resolution: affect a very large impact on the users and services.
  • High -- Priority 2 = 24 work hour resolution: affect a large number of users, and service delivery.
  • Moderate -- Priority 3 = 3 business days resolution: affect a few users and interrupt work to some degree, may be slightly affected or inconvenienced.
  • Low -- Priority 4 = 5 business days resolution: do not interrupt users and services, and can be worked around

Contact Point:   Also you can use the Contact us form.

  • Nicola Mitolo
    • Phone and WhatsApp: Nicola Mitolo, +39-347-6530884
    • Skype: nicola.mitolo
  • Paolo Nesi

Also you can use the Contact us form.

Snap4City platform has been developed by DISIT lab. Https:// 

Snap4City platform been created by using the Km4City framework as a technological ecosystem: Https:// which has been also created by DISIT Lab.

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