HOW TO: TV Cam Manager, based on Kurento and Turn


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The TVCam Manager (beta version) is in place on the platform. Also called TV Cam Manager

It is based on Kurento/Turn approach and convert the RTSP stream in WebRTC streams that can be hosted on Dashboards.

(there is a former modality which can be used according to your needs, please read: IPCAM on Dashboard Widget, Video Cameras, TV Camera)

Each TVCam may have its specific user name  and password, and protocol while all of them are mapped into the WebRTC stream that can be accessed according to the IoT Device Access authorization of Snap4City.

The TVCam Manager allows to: register a new TV cam, define protocol and password, list them and test them.

The TVCam Manager is not fully integrated in the Micro-X, as it is still under development.
You can find here

In the snap4cam folder you can find the docker-compose to bring up kurento, coturn and our webapp to show the video please update the configuration files as IPs and other settings have to be setup.
Configuration of kurento and coturn can be quite complex.

Any of your contribution on this stream could be welcome.