Resource Manager: Process Loader


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  Snap4City Overview: Data Gate, Resource Manager, Development Tools
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Resource Manager (former ProcessLoader) is a tool accessible via web for uploading/submitting and monitoring Processes (they can be ETL, and Data Analytics developed in R, Java, Python, C/C++, etc.). It is capable to manage Processes (ETL, Data analytics), IOT Applications, web applications, html5 micro applications, R processes, subscription to applications, external services, microservices, and MicroApplications, etc.

The Resource Manager allows the developers to

  1. upload their processes and resources on the smart city back office;
  2. put/ask for their execution in the back office, or ask to be subscribed to a given applications or service,
  3. monitor their execution in terms of performance and faults/errors,
  4. publish and share the processes/resources/results with other developers, via the support of the Snap4City WEB portal on DRUPAL. To this fact, the ProcessLoader works in strict connection with the DISCES Scheduler.

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