HOW TO: add an Entity/Device to the Platform


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Snap4City support a large range of IOT Protocols and IOT protocols see for details on:  


We suggest you to follow the COURSE / TUTORIAL before addressing this part, a lot of simpler solutions are presented there 

You need to be registered and logged into the platform

The IOT Device that you have it could be in above depicted cases:

  1. Already registered on an IOT Broker of your/city organization. In this case, who provided you the IOT Device may have provided also at least: an IOT Device Identifier, a description of the data produced by the Device, the protocol kind and the IOT Broker in which it is registered, etc. For example: device ID: es286481295, temperature and humidity, NGSI, the orionFinland IOT Broker on  or the Antwerp IOT Broker on In order to exploit the data of your IOT Device in the Platform, you 
    1. have an IOT Device which is registered on an IOT Broker (for example, you received with the IOT Device the name of the IOT Broker) that is registered to Snap4City. You have two cases:
      1. the IOT Device has been **already registered** on Snap4City by the organization/city. This case can be verified by using the steps described in:
      2. the IOT Device is **not yet registered** on Snap4City (for example when a IOT Broker is managed by a third organization for security aspects, for example the FHV or DIGIPOLIS, or IMEC, ...), they given to your the device to test on different platforms.
      3. need to access IOT Device data without registering the IOT Device in the Snap4City platform and Broker, you need to know some configuration parameter of the IOT Broker and IOT Device, and Snap4City IOT App can get data directly from the IOT broker of your device without the need of having the Broker officially registered on snap4City.
    2. have an IOT Device which is already registered to an internal Snap4City IOT Broker (a IOT Broker managed by Snap4City for security aspects). In this case, the IOT Device and corresponding data are immediately accessible, and you can find them into the list of your data in the Data Inspector view, for Dashboards, etc., go in the Data Inspector to search your data by GPS location, name, nature as you like.
  2. Not registered to an IOT Broker. In this case, you need to know, at least, how the IOT Device works and how it can be internally configured to communicate with an IOT Broker: to authenticate, register, etc. So that you need to know: an IOT Device Identifier, a description of the data produced by the device, the protocol, etc. For example: device ID: 286481295, temperature and humidity, NGSI with basic authentication,
    1. In this case, the first step is to register the IOT Device to an IOT Broker. Snap4City offers you a number of Snap4City IOT Brokers compliant with different protocols to which you can connect your device. To this end, please follow this tutorial:
    2. in alternative you can find some other brokers in your area according to the protocol of your device. 
    3. Once registered the IOT Device to an IOT Broker please restart from case (A); if you registered with a Snap4City IOT Broker it will be easy an (A2).


Specific Snap4City Devices: Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, Android, PAX Counter, LoraWAN, etc.

Other management activities

In all these cases, you can manage access and rights, use them for Dashboards, perform data analytic, etc.

Once the device and the data are added to the platform, they can be used  to create dashboards together with other data sources already available on the platform: HOW TO: create a Dashboard

Please start a fully guided training cases:

if You are a professional you could be also interested on this Tutorial on the Bulk Load Approach for IOT Devices on Snap4City

Recently we have added two features at level of Administrators for the IOT Device ingestion: