eShare in a Snap - The innovative car sharing and car pooling service

eShare in a Snap is the application powered by Snap4Tech developed by SNAP4 that enables the management of an innovative car sharing and carpooling service, created in collaboration with the University of Florence as part of the experimentation called TUSS, The Ultimate Sharing Service.

TUSS (The Ultimate Sharing Service) in Sesto Fiorentino is an innovative sustainable mobility activity that combines car-sharing and car-pooling to improve urban transport in peripheral areas and small to medium-sized municipalities. The activity, launched in collaboration with the University of Florence, the FS Group, SNAP4 and the car-sharing company E-Vai, aims to create an efficient shared service for short trips involving the Sesto Fiorentino train station as the main hub.

SNAP4 participated as technological partner by developing the mobile app for the final users and the dashboards and services for the operators that have to manage the service.

The eShare in a Snap mobile app developed by SNAP4 app allows users:

  • To register in the system;
  • to upload images of their driver's license to request to be authorized as a driver
  • to book a ride also with the possibility to specifying additional passengers;
  • to view the history of their bookings with the status (accepted, rejected, in progress, closed);
  • to view the ride of the day in which he is involved, indicating the time and place where he needs to be. If the user is authorized as the driver of the ride, he also has the ability to lock or unlock the vehicle (the system automatically performs the necessary security checks before unlocking or locking the vehicle).
  • to view the route he needs to take, including any stops he needs to make to pick up or drop off other passengers.
  • to lock the vehicle when the ride is finished and he is the final driver;
  • to access to his wallet.


On the operator side, the service allows for:

  • Viewing the list of registered users;
  • Enabling individual users as drivers after verifying the entered data and the validity of their driver's license;
  • Accessing the status and location of the vehicles;
  • Accessing the list of bookings;
  • Selecting bookings to define a carpooling ride, choosing the primary driver;
  • Viewing a map simulation of the optimal route with a list of various stops and the people who need to get on and off, and potentially checking if a change of driver is necessary;
  • Assigning the vehicle for the ride;
  • Contacting users or sending notifications;
  • Monitoring the status of rides in real-time;
  • Accessing summary KPIs to verify the service.


For more details, you can visit the official project website TUSS ( (In Italian)​​.