Snap4City Business Model

Snap4City platform is 100% open source, licence free. see github/disit and deails are from page

Snap4City sustains by selling services over the platform. The platform  itself is a commodity, and services are:

  • consultancy on setting up the smart city:
    • data discoverying and aggregation, data identification,
    • living lab set up, living lab management and workshops,
    • data agreement establishing with your stakeholders, GDPR,
    • identification of the most promising use cases for innovation,
    • etc.;
  • consultancy on technical aspects of smart city design, and of the infrastructure, technical integration with your legacy solutions and infrastructures, etc.;
  • customization of  the snap4city platform, design and development of new modules, tools, and plugins; that in principle will be released open source (or of your ownership depending of your preferences);
  • customization of the platform with changes on the code that will be released open source according to the licence model of the tool;
  • smart city as a service (see also EOSC market place in which Snap4City is listed): hosting data, providing services, etc. and the above points integrated. This service may implies to set for you an brand ne organization dedicated for your trial on the infrastructure;
  • installation of the platform on your premise, or on your indicated public/private cloud. This solution may implies the simple support for the installation of your technicians, or the installation of  the solution in your premise and then passing the control to your personnel (the technical and adminisrtative training may be included);
  • maintenance of an installed Snap4City solution, on our cloud, on any cloud, on your premise. As well as a secon level maintenance or support to your personnel that have  taken in charge the management of your installation of Snap4City tools.
  • organizing and managing hackathons and coworking sections for your stakeholders;
  • training your operative personnel for using the platform, creating dashboards, IOT Applications, installing the platform, etc. (this can be personalized or cumulated in training days and week with other customers), it can be on our location or on your premise, in presence and/or online depending on the conditions and location;
  • developing data analytics over those that are freely provided, and/or setting up data analytics that need learning phases on your premise; For example, the development and/or the set up of traffic flow reconstruction solution in your city and/or area;
  • developing new mobile Apps, tools and applications; or new modules in our Apps of the "xxx in a Snap" series;
  • developing a customization of the SnapBot Telegram bot attached to your solution based on Snap4City technology;
  • developing new IOT Devices with requested sensors and actuators;
  • help desk support on all the aspects over an exceding amount of hours that are free of charge;
  • etc.

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See also Snap4City on EOSC as: 

Snap4City ( ) provides a flexible method and solution to quickly create a large range of smart city applications exploiting heterogeneous data, performing data analytics, and enabling services for stakeholders by IOT/IOE, data analytics and big data technologies. Snap4City applications may exploit multiple paradigms as data driven, stream and batch processing, putting co-creation tools in the hands of: (i) Smart Living Lab users and developers a plethora of solutions to develop applications without vendor lock-in nor technology lock-in, (ii) final users customizable / flexible mobile Apps and tools, (iii) city operators and decision makers specialized / sophisticated city dashboards and IOT/IOE applications for city status monitoring, control and decision support.

Snap4City is for organizations/communities interested in Smart City and IOT, which would like to perform experiments on smart city data, that you can upload or reuse from those available, for research purpose and validation.

Features for the organizations that subscribe the service will have a number of users to:

Access at large collection of data coming from different cities.

  • Exploit a set of tools for uploading and integrating new data, and performing data analytic.
  • Comparing results obtained with those of different cities.
  • Sharing data transformation and data analytics with other users in the same or different organizations.
  • Access to a large set of training test cases, tutorial, video and examples.
  • Search and discovering smart city data on the basis of entity relationships, temporal and spatial, semantic search.
  • Access to Advanced Smart city API, also in the form of MicroServices in Node-RED.
  • Control entity type access with GDPR compliant mechanisms.
  • Upload on the system new data sets up to 30Gbyte.
  • Authorize a number of final users for the organization.
Places and languages
  • Worldwide
  • EN