Back Office Scheduler DISCES


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DISCES (Distributed Smart City/Cloud Engine Scheduler) is a scheduler with support for Elastic Management of cloud resources. It allows to:

  • collect the scheduling plan for the processes (typically the ETL and Data Analytics processes runned on the back office of the smart city in a number of computational nodes, the so called cluster),
  • create the plan for the execution of processes over time,
  • monitor all the resources of cloud (Hosts, VMs, Containers), that can be also performed by using the ResDash ( ), and may be from your Cloud Manager such as VCenter if you have VMware based cloud, (iv) allocate VM and Containers,
  • turn on/off Hosts,
  • deploy and shutdown VM and Containers, to perform elastic management of resources. It also exports some MicroServices to be managed by special Snap4City Applications.

The DISCES has limited functionalities for ToolAdmin e full control for RootAdmin. A version with full functionalities which is not controlling the real back office can be accessed from the Development Environmento for the ETL, so t hat you can test there how to put in execution processes and shedule them as well. 

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