HOW TO: extend Snap4City Platform with new modules and tools


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Snap4City is modular and based on API and MicroServices
New Features can be easily added by Creating New:

New custom made modules for contributing on Snap4City can be created as well

Snap4City modules are typically in Affero GPL and the rebranding of the whole platform is not allowed, while you can freely create any additional module, open or proprietary.

New modules on the Snap4City can be freely developed and may be provided to the community 

  • to be integrated in the main version, have to be tested and validated by DISIT Lab. They have to:
    • be in Affero GPL
    • do not affect the functionalities of other modules in negative manner
    • provide the needed quality, in terms of test cases, documentation, etc. 
  • no constraints: if the they remain on a forked Affero GPL published version on Internet and linked to main…
  • which are not part of the core, can be based on proprietary model, and exploit the Snap4City tools via APIs.