Advanced Smart City API: the whole set of Snap4City API


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The whole set of Snap4City API also called Smart City API. They are listed and well documented in SWAGGER as reported in the above image ( ) . In addition, they have been tested and validated by using standard tools. Please note that also the internal API are documented in Swagger, and this information is accessible from 

The updated Snap4City mobile development App Kit as open source for developing mobile and web App using Cordoba Apache is accessible on GitHUB from:

Swagger documentation of Smart City API is on:

Slides ENG in PDF about the structure of the kit and main tools interactive SLIDES ENG about the structure of the kit and main tools video ENG on HOW to use the Dev Kit from zero

Snap4City for Developers


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The updated Snap4City mobile development App Kit as open source for developing mobile and web App using Cordoba Apache is accessible on GitHUB from:

ServiceMap can be accessed from the main menu: "Knowledge and maps--> ServiceMap". Please note that the ServiceMap may be different for each Organization and city to faciliate the positioning of the map in the center of the geo area of the organization. On the other hand, the Smart City API can be generalized by invoking  in the final application the SUPER federated Smart City API with the same API call to create Web and Mobile Applications that are independent on the Organization.

The set of Snap4City API includes the following main API that may have a value for the city developers:

The  Advanced Smart City API can be used to develop Web (HTML5) and Mobile Apps and provides support for a number of services:

  • Search data: by text, near, along line, POI, etc. resolving text to GPS and formal city nodes model, resolving from GPS to street civic number, etc.
  • Empowering the city users: collecting data from end users’ bidirectional data flow; votes, comments, images;
  • Access to event information provided that they are loaded into the storage with some ETL or NodeRED process;
  • accessing to info and service on Public Mobility: busstops, public transport lines (bus, train, and ferry), public routes, public transport position, arrivel time, etc.;
  • accessing to info and service on Private Mobility: routing, parking recovery;
  • accessing to Cultural and Touristic information, POI;
  • accessing to health services & Environmental info;
  • requesting routing: car, vehicle, multimodal exploiting pedestrian and any public transport, if any;
  • requesting Suggestions; 
  • requesting Personal Assistant hints, provided that you have an Assistant installed in the solution;
  • subscription/request of a Snap4City Applications;
  • Sharing knowledge among cities
  • providing feedback about services
  • IOT device Discovery
  • IOT sensor/actuator Discovery by ValueType and/or ValueUnit

Snap4City APIs support real time data streams, on demand and event driven. Real time open data are managed in the full stack from IOT Device/Brokers, IOT Applications and Dashboard such as via: WebSockets, MQTT, etc. The real time stream can be managed at level of IOT Device/Application, Data Analytics and directly on Dashboards with WebSockets. In addition, the so called Sensor API for Mobile Phone and other devices can be used to communicate to the back office about their status, position, etc. It is also used to get back suggestions, hints, assistance, soundages, etc. 

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Snap4City Smart City API:

Web/Mobile MicroApplication services:

The updated Snap4City mobile development App Kit as open source for developing mobile and web App using cordoba apache is accessible on GitHUB from: