HOW TO: HLT vs Ingestion, and HLT vs Widgets


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High Level Types, HLT, aspects vs Ingestion processes

All the HLT can be exploited in Dashboards, but what about their data structure main information, and more about how can be ingested into the platform. This table gives your some answers.

the training course slides contain the updated version of  the following tables and examples

Please note that:

If I would like to show a certain data with a specific graphic representation, Widget: which kind of data I can show in the accessible widgets of the platform and how: wizard and/or manual addition, and/or dynamically created by IOT Applications

the following tables (still partial) give you an answer to the above question.

in the above table:

  • IOT App: means that the widget data can be created and manipulated dynamically from the IOT App
  • All the X represent feature available from Wizard production of Dashboard
  • (*) means that the production is still manual and not via  wizard
  • (X) in progress, coming soon
  • "sensors" are data ingested via IOT Brokers, or ETL that in any case are indexed into the KB, may be on HBASE or on Elastic Search
  • "MyKPI" are data ingested via Mobile Apps, IOT Apps, manually, etc.; They may be on MySQL, and recently are coming to Elastic Search
  • "MyPersonal Data" are ingested via IOT Apps, or manually; They may be on MySQL only
  • "KPI, Metrics" are ingested via SQL, NoSQL queries (ODBC, JDBC, MOngo, SPARQL, etc.) from Database sources and are on MySQL
  • etc.

please note that many other widgets can be also used and generated from the wizard and manually.

HOW TO: Exploit Special Widgets