CABL - widgetKnob (IN)


First of all, an existing widget must be identified in the dashboard to be the target of the triggedered action, of which the id <TARGET_WIDGET_NAME> must be noted. In this example the target is a WidgetSingleContent.
The JS function to be inserted in the appropriate box (in more options) of the current widgetKnob is of the following type:


function execute() {   


        type: "showSingleContentFromExternalContent_<TARGET_WIDGET_NAME>",

        eventGenerator: $(this),

        targetWidget: "<TARGET_WIDGET_NAME>",

        color1: "#e8a023",

        color2: "#9c6b17",

        widgetTitle: "ShowKnobStatus", 

passedData: { "dataOperation": param }




The param variable consists of the input value generated by the widgetKnob widget state change. you can send it in passedData, or use it to perform operations in javascript:


The passedData field can be:

       passedData: {

"dataOperation": param