HOW TO: add data sources to the Platform

This page is focussed on guiding the users in adding data source to the platform. Data can arrive to the platform by using different kinds of data sources, different protocols, formats, etc. In most of the IOT smart city platforms, many of the following cases are not addressed, and thus their approach could be at the first glance simpler, while in reality it is only strongly limited.

So that, in Snap4City all cases are addressed and are from the simplest to the more advanced are:

In all these cases, the data ingested are saved into your private storage as MyKPI data on which you can manage access and rights, use them for Dashboards, perform data analytic, etc.

Once the device and the data are added to the platform, they can be used  to create dashboards together with other data sources already available on the platform:

Please start a fully guided training cases: