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Snap4City 1st Place award of Select4Cities PCP

In granting the award, Katrien Lenaert of Digipolis Antwerp stated: "1st place has been awarded to Florence (snap4city)........the competition was really hard.... frequent changes from our parts..", ".. about Florence (snap4city) strong points as always, excellent analytics, excellent data aggregation, very strong point was the utilities on which to work and also the fact that snap4city turn the criticisms in opportunities to improve the tool that made your platform better all the times. It is something that we really appreciated, ... 100% open source, ... and the fact that snap4city commercialize the solution already, ..... very good feature... than again".

The following comments have been collected during workshops for review in Florence, Antwerp, and Helsinki, and from mobile app stores:

  • The City officials and ICT officials were impressed with the performance of the Platform when loading the heavy, “resource-” demanding applications and dashboards.
  • The technical level of the Platform and its strong points such as the way real-time data is used, the algorithms, data clean-up possibilities of the Platform, presented data and information is state-of-the-art and impressive. The data handling throughout the Platform is considered as one of the strong points in the Platform and of an extremely sophisticated level.
  • There is no other platform that collects all city actors together.
  • very well developed mobile app. it gathers a lot of informations that may be useful (5 stars)
  • well documented,  good instructions/activity steps (about test cases on trials)
  • Whole wide clear  platform.
  • The Platform, components, apps, dashboards, functionalities shown did look how a city application should look like. The Platform and its components meet the expectations of a city Platform.
  • The provided information was user centric and it was clear from the start how a city could could use the Platform, the components and the apps and dashboards.
  • the applications and dashboards shown were very user centric
  • Clear graphics legends on dashboards
  • The demo was interesting and a large part of what has been shown is useful in my job
  • Snap4City managed to present a whole range of information and dashboards in one centralized place. The dashboards and applications on the weather (heat map), air quality, POI, PAX flows and the social media analysis via the Twitter feed is deemed interesting by the City and ICT officials.
  • Snap4City managed to provide a maximum of information, flows, in depth analysis with the data provided.
  • 80% of mobile users stated that they are not using similar Apps

The following comments and rates have been collected during workshops, during Training days:

  • A very nice presentation, pedagogically approach was very good, very user centric, visually very good.
  • 91% have demonstrated to be satisfied of the day, and among them the 53,40% have been very satisfied of the day
  • 85% have ranked the IOT solution and Data Analysis very good and among them the 42,17% have ranked excellent
  • 72,63% have been more than somewhat satisfied of the easiness of  the tools for dashboard production
  • 93% have found the functions for creating IOT Apps (MicroServices) complete and satisfactory, and among them 31,25% very complete
  • 100% have stated that solution would be useful for their work, 78,13% have declared that it would be very useful in their daily work
  • for Dashboard building a speed up of 7 times has been experimented and perceived by the attendeeds in using Snap4City with respect to state of the art tools.
  • for IOT Application building a speed up of 5 times has been experimented and perceived by the attendeeds in using Snap4City with respect to state of the art tools.

The most appreciated aspects during training days: