Snap4City & FIWARE: integration, procotols and compliance

FiWare and Snap4City are well integrated. Snap4City provide a number of additional functionalities to shortening a large number of operations on fiware solutions and also provide additional tools and services for federation of smart city API and API in general. Snap4City is Gold Member of FiWare and an official platform of FiWare .

Integration with Fiware can be realized in different manners:

Snap4City is FIWARE compliant since Snap4City:

All the other tools of Snap4City have been developed and integrated by Snap4City team and are 100% open source.
Snap4City also is compatibile with many other procols and formats, it can work with a large number of IOT Brokers, data aggregators, etc. 

Snap4City participated at FiWare global submit, Genova, Italy,  (SLIDE: Slides: Fi-ware General Assembly, Genova 2019)