Snap4City & FIWARE: integration, procotols and compliance

FiWare and Snap4City are well integrated. Snap4City provide a number of additional functionalities to shortening a large number of operations on fiware solutions and also provide additional tools and services for federation of smart city API and API in general. Snap4City is Gold Member of FiWare and an official platform of FiWare .

Integration with Fiware can be realized in different manners:

See course slide for a deeper understanding of what Snap4City Solution is adding with respect to a generic solution using only FIWARE components.

Snap4City is FIWARE compliant since:

  • uses IOT Orion Broker and thus copes with NGSI V1 and NGSI V2 protocols, at level of general IOT connections and on IOT Applications and Dashboards. Please note that Snap4City is compatible with many other protocols and IOT Brokers as well. The IOT Orion Broker can connect JSON, MQTT, Lightweight M2M, LoraWAN, OPC, SigFOX, etc. see FiWare
    • please note that Snap4City is compatible with all the above protocols via IOT Orion Broker, via direct connection on ETL processes on their corresponding IOT brokers, and/or via IOT Applications.
    • please note that Snap4City is also compatible with many other protocols, see the table reported in page:, direcly and by meand of IDAS of FIWARE
    • This means that you can chose to connect your devices at Snap4City Platform in differet manners: (a) directly to Snap4City, or (b) via an IOT Orion Broker (external IOT Broker or those provided by Snap4City), or (c) via any third party IOT Brokers in any protocol you have.
    • snap4city also provide tools for the automated deploy of ORION Broker on demand.
    • Snap4City is working on finalizing NGSI LD
  • provides a set of NGSI Fi-Ware compliant tools such as
    • IOT Directory for managing multiple Brokers, 
    • Storage for data shadown and general data management. 
    • Km4City API for semantically modeling and storing via IOT Directly all kind of of devices, enabling the IOT Device Discovery semantically and geographically. The Km4CIty is an ontology and expert system, also adopted and at the core of the Snap4City solution. 
  • improves IOT Orion Broker with the so called Orion Broker Filter (Orion Broker Filter, NGSI Security Wrapper) which is a secure wrapper for NGSI V1 and V2 protocol for enforcing Mutual Authentication, Security, roles, etc. This tool as the rest of Snap4City is fully Open Source, you ahve download it from GITHUB/DISIT 
  • produces and releases open hardware and open software NGSI Fiware compliant as:
  • includes CKAN with Snap4City DataGate tool
  • is compatible with Mongo, Hadoop, HBASE, LDAP, OpenIDConnect, GIS, CKAN, Spark, etc.

All the other tools of Snap4City have been developed and integrated by Snap4City team and are 100% open source.
Snap4City also is compatibile with many other procols and formats, it can work with a large number of IOT Brokers, data aggregators, etc. 

Snap4City participated at FiWare global submit, Genova, Italy,  (SLIDE: Slides: Fi-ware General Assembly, Genova 2019)