Snap4City Appliance: Virtual Machines ready to use on your premise for Smart City and IOT Applications

Snap4City is 100% open source, and thus the following Appliance are license free. You can download and intall the Snap4City on your premise..

For shortening your start up activities we have published a number of Virtual Machine Appliances, license free. They are VM to be put in execution on some VMplayer VMware workstation or Vcenter Vsphere VMware infrastructure. They are reported in the suggested order:

What you can do with StartSNAP4CITYVM:

  • you can create a small smart city business, acquiring data by using this VM only, for example to get data with Node-RED and presenting them on Dashboards;
  • you can create and manage a number of users into your on premise Snap4City platform;
  • you can directly connect your Dashboard Builder environment to get data from any your database in your network;
  • you can register External Services for showing them into your dashboards;
  • you can define you myKPI and POI and manager them on dashboards;
  • You can connect the StartSNAP4CITYVM with (a) the Snap4City-IOTORIONBROKERVM for ingesting data from the IOT Brokers in push, (b) ETLVM for ingesting data from batch processes in PULL; This means that with two VM you can create you Industry 4.0 and Smart City solutions. The only limit is the volume of data, the number of IOT Applications, and the lack of massive IOT device management. 
  • etc.

Note: which other main tools (that you can find on GITHUB/DISIT) could be added to StartSNAP4CITYVM:

  • Knowledge Base of your territory is missing in the above mentioned configuration. To add, you should install the ServiceMap, ingests the data from OSM of your city to have KB and Smart City API; This tool will allow you to perform semantic queries, delivering services towards the Mobile Apps, etc. One or more Knowledge Bases can be added. A single  Knowledge Base can manage multiple territories/cities/regions. A set of Knowlege bases can be joined to work together by using the so called SuperServiceMap. You can use join your ServiceMap with the official SuperServiceMap of Https:// The addition of the ServiceMap also implies  the possibility of using a large amount of MicroServices (nodes) from the IOT Applications, since they exploit the Smart City APIs
  • IOT Applications Manager: a set of tools for managing in elastic manner a large number of IOT Applications on containers dockers. This feature can be added including a number of VM for creating a Marathon/Mesos cluster, and the DISCES-EM scheduler for elastic management, plus other minor tools. If you do not need to have scalability on a large number of IOT Applications, and Data Analiyics for them you can avoid to install this part.
  • IOT Directory: a tool for managing a large number of IOT Brokers of different kinds, and supporting different IOT protocols. The IOT Directory needs at least a ServiceMap and to perform IOT Discovery. The IOT Directory allows at the users to add IOT Devices, IOT devices in bulk, to manage delegation on devices and IOT Devices values, etc. 
  • DataSetManager Data Gate: the Data Set Manager is an istance of CKAN customized to work with SSO, LDAP. It also includes DataGate module for accelerating the data ingestion of data sets. If you have already a CKAN on your premise you can simply install the DataGate module.
  • IOT Data Shadow: the IOT data shadow allows to perform a copy of any message arriving from/to IOT Devices via the IOT Brokers registered on the IOT Directory. This feature consists of a cluster of VMs, and it is necessary when large volume of IOT Data comes into the system. The solution is based on a cluster NIFI, Elastic Search and Kibana. The solution is scalable and realiable, and fault tolerant. Elastic Search is the storage in which the IOT data are stored. Once  the data is collected, the historical values are made available for the Dashboards, and IOT Applications via MicroServices of the Smart City API and thus of the Knowledge Base

What you can  exploit from Https:// community a set of On Line Services:

Most of them can be even installed on yuor premise, you can access to their source code from github/disit as usual. 

If you have special requests please ask to Contact


  • V1.1: removed limitations regarding WS and NodeRED
  • V1.2: simplification of the installation process, manual in English