Training Snap4City: from data to sentient City, Smart City and IOT

The Course makes massive use of the Snap4City platform. The participants will come to create professional dashboards, IOT applications, smart solutions with just a few steps, and without the need to be programmers. The course can also be useful to those who are programmers because it allows them to do in just a few minutes what is done in days of work with the current technologies for smart city including programming technologies for mobile applications, IOT, GIS and business intelligence tools. It can be useful for researchers and data analysts because they are able to understand how to create intelligent applications and experiments using the big data of the Snap4City platform, but focusing only on the analytical parts in R or other languages ​​and solving the rest with just a few clicks. The platform is used with success and satisfaction for the Hackathon 2019, for various university courses (Univ. Of Florence, Univ. Of Milan), for various theses of the same and in other Universities, for the Master Course in Big Data MABIDA by UNIFI, and is the pilot on Antwerp and Helsinki; for the Smart City Control Room, SCCR, of Florence; as on various other cities.  

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      25 June 2019   9 July 2019  23 July 2019

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    first and second part

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    Training day in ITALIANO