Training 2019 Snap4City: from data to sentient City, Smart City and IOT


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The Course makes massive use of the Snap4City platform. The participants will come to create professional dashboards, IOT applications, smart solutions with just a few steps, and without the need to be programmers. The course can also be useful to those who are programmers because it allows them to do in just a few minutes what is done in days of work with the current technologies for smart city including programming technologies for mobile applications, IOT, GIS and business intelligence tools. It can be useful for researchers and data analysts because they are able to understand how to create intelligent applications and experiments using the big data of the Snap4City platform, but focusing only on the analytical parts in R or other languages ​​and solving the remaining aspects with just a few clicks. The platform is used with success and satisfaction for the Hackathon 2019, for various university courses (Univ. Of Florence, Univ. Of Milan), for various theses of the same and in other Universities, for the Master Course in Big Data MABIDA by UNIFI, and is the pilot on Antwerp and Helsinki; for the Smart City Control Room, SCCR, of Florence; as on various other cities.  

for the updated training course go on

November 2019 Training for Barcelona Smart City World Expo Congress (last modification: 28/10/2019) (see below for the description of each course)

  1st day 2nd day 3rd day 4th day 5th day 6th day
what General Dashboards IOT App, App, Network Data Analytics DataWareHouse Data Ingestion System and Installation




The updated Snap4City mobile development App Kit as open source for developing mobile and web App using Cordoba Apache is accessible on GitHUB from:

Swagger documentation of Smart City API is on:

7th day, the Mobile App Development exploiting the Smart city API
Slides ENG in PDF about the structure of the kit and main tools interactive SLIDES ENG about the structure of the kit and main tools video ENG on HOW to use the Dev Kit from zero

Details of the above training days.

1st day

  • Overview
  • Urban Platform (main concepts vs Living Lab)
  • Snap4City Architecture, roadmap, logos, innovations
  • Dashboards: from City Dashboards to Applications( Trajectories and real time tracking; Dashboards Intelligence and web and mobile devices;Dashboard chatrooms and notifications; Smart City Control Room;Dashboards production
  • Data Gathering and City Data Knowledge Management:Protocol vs Data;Data Gathering processes;GIS Data Import, Export and Exploitation; Semantic Modeling and City Knowledge Base: Km4CIty
  • IOT Applications, Devices and Dashboards: IOT Devices
  • Forging & Managing Flexible Mobile Apps, Web App, MicroApplications:Web and Mobile App with Open Development Kit;Understanding how city users are using the city services; Engaging City Users Towards Virtuous Behaviour
  • Data Analytic, Big Data Science: Data Analytics: predictions; Smart Parking: predictions; User behaviour Analysis via Wi-Fi, OD Matrices, Trajectories; Recognition of Used Transportation Means; Traffic Flow Reconstruction, from traffic sensors data; Quality of Public Transport;Origin Destination Matrices; Demand of Mobility vs Offer of Transportation; Modal and Multimodal Routing for Navigation and Travel Planning; Environmental Data Predictions; Prediction of Qir Quality; Anomaly Detection; Environmental data prediction;Social Media Analysis
  • Snap4City Living Lab for Collaborative Work: Development Life Cycle; Development tools; Data protection, personal da vs GDPR
  • Snap4City and Km4City Projects
  • Acknowledgment

2nd day (Dashboards)

3rd day (IOT Applications)

4th day (Data Analytics)

  • Data Analytics: Examples from Snap4City
    • Smart parking: Predictions
    • User Behavior Analysis, via  Wi-Fi, OD, Trajectories
    • Recognition of Used Transportation means
    • Traffic Flow Reconstruction, from Traffic Sensors Data
    • Quality of Public Transport Service
    • Origin Destination Matrices from: Wi-Fi, Mobile Apps, etc.
    • Demand of Mobility vs Offer of Transportation
    • Modal and Multimodal Routing for Navigation and Travel Planning
    • Environmental Data Analysis and Predictions, early Warning
    • Prediction of Air Quality Conditions
    • Anomaly Detection
    • What-IF Analysis
  • Data Analytics: Enforcing and Exploiting: Real Time Data Analytics: using R Studio Exploitation in IOT Applications
  • Decision Support Systems, Smart DS and Resilience DS
  • Twitter Vigilance: Social Media Analysis: Early Warning, Predictions

5th day (data ingestion ....)

6th day (system, deploy, architecture inside, development life cycle)

  • Snap4City Architecture
  • Snap4City: Smart City IOT as a Service
  • Snap4City Living Lab For Collaborative Wor: Smart City Development Life Cycle; Analysis and Design for Innovation (Co-Creation and Co-Working); Development Tools; How to Add Functions that are not present in the Platform
  • Snap4City vs Fi-Ware
  • Snap4City vs State of the Art Solutions
  • Snap4City Services: Consulting and Developing
  • Snap4City vs Snap4Industry 4.0
  • Installing Snap4City
  • The view of the Administrator: Monitoring Resource Consumption and Traffic; Managing and Monitoring Data Traffic in the BackOffice; Auditing Activities; Managing Back Office processes via Containers

7th day (smart city API, development of web and Mobile Applications)

Please start a fully guided training cases:

Detailed Separated User Scenarios experiences

US1.    Using City Dashboards

US2.    Using and Creating Snap4City Applications with Dashboards

US3.    Using and Creating Developer Dashboards, AMMA dashboard, and/or Resource Dashboards

US4.    Creating City Dashboards and related Event Monitoring and Actions

US5.    Discovering City Services Exploiting Knowledge Base via ServiceMap

US6.    Developing and using processes for data transformation

US7.    Data Analytics and related integration aspects

US8.    Using the Living Lab Support tools

US9.    Creating Snap4City IOT Applications, different formats, protocols, brokers, communications

US10.    Using and Managing the Scalable Snap4City Infrastructure

US11.    Using tools/services of a secure and privacy respectfully solution

Training in June and July 2019, Florence and Rome


1st Day


2nd Day

3rd Day

Slides in PDF
First and second Part


Interactive slides
first and second part

Videos are coming....





Training day in ITALIANO with Videos

see also the Pisa trainign of 5 hours for Master Industry 4.0 lesson on Big data and Analytics:  

PDF File:

Interactive slides: 

play video : 

Training day in ITALIANO with Videos