How to Access to: Web Scraping tool


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If you are an AreaManager (or higher role), according to the Organization at which you are registered, or if you are an Hackathon single or teamleader you can request the access to an instance of the tool for Web Scraping which may provide you the facility for scraping third party web page. This activity may be subjected to restrictions, and you are responsible of your actions. So that Snap4City denies all responsibility about your actions. In addition, we reserve the right to monitor your activity and blocking eventual processes of scraping if needed. Please note that in most cases you have to be authorized by the web page owner to performe scraping and repusblishng the content that you collect. 

To this end, you have to send an email request by using the explaining your needs.

The credentials will be provided to you on personal basis.


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In order to access at the Web Scraping tools you need to be Area Manager. This role is provided to users that have been authorized by their organization.

If you ask to you may be passed at the Area Manager role according to the availability of resources and the Level you have conquered in t he Snap4City platform.
It may be for a trial time.