Overview of hackathon Data, Big Data (14-02-2019 update)


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The data available for the Hackathon are open data, static data, and real time data. It is the largest collection of data for smart city available for testing and App development, open. The global volume ingested by Snap4City every day if about 1.4 Million of new complex entities per day, on several areas, Tuscany region whole with several cities such as: Florence Metro city, Pisa, Arezzo, Grosseto, Livorno, Prato, Siena, etc.), Helsinki and Finland whole for some aspect, Antwerp and its larger area, Sardegna Region with more data in Cagliari Metro city, GardaLake  with  several cities and provices involved, etc. The data put a disposal for the Hackathon 2019 is a large part of those in the area of Helsinki, Antwerp and Tuscany as described below. Please take in mind that each entity provide a range of data from 10 to some hundreds, thousands, etc., which are sensor values, descriptions, etc. Real time data of sensors have in most cases also attached historical values, predictions, etc.

Real Time data can be high rate data coming into the platform periodically, or with high rate in pull or push, or are event driven data arriving from IOT Brokers. All the data can be used transparently on Dashboards while IOT applications can used to access and react to real time data from brokers via IOT Directory. Historical data can be accessed and searched via Smart City API which are accessible for developer for  mobile and web App, and also in IOT Applications as MicroServices, nodes of Node-RED, by using the Snap4City official library on Node-RED library of JS foundation.
Data can be accessed from Smart City API for creating Web and mobile applications as you like, or by exploiting the Snap4All development kit based on Cordova, as source code accessible as starting point, which also use the Advanced Smart City API.
Data can be also added by Snap4City users by using DataGate / CKAN as files several formats, IOT Applications, or by calling external services via Node-RED node/Microservice.  A number of data sets and exernal sevices have been already loaded. Others can be added by you. You can ingest data in batch from several kinds of solutions, and in particualr by using: IOT Applications, ETL processes. These solutions for data gathering may also allow you to ingest data from several protocols such as FTP, WS, HTTP, HTTPS, OneM2M, NGSI, SigFOX, etc. etc. 
Data of the users, may be saved in time series storage as private data: MyData, MyPersonalData, MyKPI, and MyPOI with corresponding functionalities. They are kept private by system according to GDPR. They are time series, also with GPS coordinates, they may change over time or stable, thay may have metadata for Km4City classification, etc. Users, the owners, can edit them visually or from MicroServices programmically, the user can also delegate the access to their data to other users of the platform, of publish them anonimously as GDPR compliant.
Data can be also directly loaded from your file into the IOT Applications, see for example TC9.13: How to upload a local file into your IOT Application
Data files can be also loaded from the network, etc. etc. any possiblity, no limitations.... until you will find one ! let us know!

The development kit for Web and Mobile App can be downloaded from https://github.com/disit/snap4cityAppKit for developing mobile and web App using Cordoba Apache.

Overview of data of Antwerp Organization. Antwerp List of Services and OnLine Data

overview of data in Helsinki Organization 

Helsinki List of Services and OnLine Data

Overview of data in DISIT Organization, including data from Tuscany area which include data from several cities: Firenze, Lucca, Pisa, Livorno, Siena, Arezzo, Massa, Prato, Pistoia, Grosseto, etc. The number in the figures are referring only to Florence area.