TC9.4 - IOT application exploiting Edge computing with Raspberry, time series, MyKPI


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Test Case Title

TC9.4 - IOT application exploiting Edge computing with Raspberry, time seriers, MyKPI


Showing how it is possible to create Snap4City applications also embedding them into edge computers.

Showing how IOT Edge can be created.

showing how to use Mykpi , MyData from iot Application, creation and exploitation of time series data


Having a Raspberry in which you can put in execution the operating system with all in installed ready to use NodeRED and snap4city features for accessing to smart city API and IOT directory.

Using a PC with a web browser. You need credentials to access to the Node-Red application.

The following functionalities are available only for specific Snap4city users with specific privileges.

Expected successful result

A change of the status of a set of actuators according to the conditions expressed on the values of other sensors



see also Mobile Phone Android as IOT Edge with IOT Applications in Node-RED

see also Registering IOT Edge: example of Raspberry Pi, total security 

see also TC 2.1b. Use snap4city nodes on your local IoT Application

1. In the “Stretch” version of “Raspbian” you can find node-red among the pre-installed programs ( in other versions following the official documentation here)

    2. Clicking on the program item starts node-RED and the following screen is displayed. In our case we want the node-RED to start at the start of RPI and we can do it by copying the penultimate script shown in the screen to a terminal and running it.

    3. Once this command has been executed, it is possible to restart the RPI and connect to the staticIPAddress:1880. Obtaining:

    4. To continue our experiment, we have connected one DHT22 humidity and temperature sensor to the GPIOs of the RPI.