TC9.14: How to use a mobile Phone Android as IOT Edge with IOT Applications in Node-RED

Test Case Title

TC9.14: How to use Mobile Phone Android as IOT Edge with IOT Applications in Node-RED


I can have on my Android mobile phone or tablet an IOT applications directly connected with IOT devices and Snap4City Dashboard

I can exploit the mobile device sensors and actuators

I can save my IOT application on cloud and copy in other Android


Using a PC with a web browser. You need credentials to access at the platform and thus to the IOT application.

having an Android device, Installing the Snap4All application, performing the registration to Snap4City

Expected successful result

usage of your personal data into the Snap4City platform according to your needs. 
  1. Suppose you have a phone and you want to install node-red and want to connect to the services offered by the platform Snap4City.
  2. This is possible with the Snap4All app. That You can download and install from here.
  3. Snap4all mobile app for ANDROID with NODE-RED, all Snap4City features in your hands:
    1. 2022 version:
    2. 2022 version: Technical Manual
    3. ​old:
  4. The IOT Applications on Snap4All can exploit the sensors of the mobile phone, and may have a local users interface as local Dashboard. They may work as standalone solution sending messages to other IOT Devices and IOT Brokers as well as be connected to Snap4All, Snap4City, etc. platforms.
  5. The steps for installing node-red on your mobile phone are as follows:


    1. Install the application and open it:

Reboot the phone (wait for the installation of node-red, some messages are shown on the screen of the phone)



    1. Open the app and enjoy node-rED
  1. At this point it is possible to connect in two ways to the node-red interface:
    1. Directly from a browser within the Phone at http://localhost:1880
    2. From a browser within a computer located in the same subnet as the Phone at http://[IP of RPI]:1880












When you connect to the interface you must install the nodes of the snap4city platform by going to the menu under "Manage Palette".

  1. Inside the tab "Install" looking for the string "snap4city" appear the nodes of the platform and you can install them by clicking on the buttons on the right.
  2. Inside the application, during the installation of nodered the following nodes are automatically installed, which are part of the nodes developed for Termux
  3. on IOT Edge Android it is possible to exploit, tv camera, telephone, SMS, sharing, notifications, clipboard, GPS locations, wifi scan information, etc.