Snap4City IOT Edge Linux on VM Ubuntu: IOT Application


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Any Snap4city IoT edge and connected any kind of IoT Devices, provides computing facilities and communicates with cloud platform with secure communication for commands and interaction on Dashboards.

In this page you can find information on how to use an IOT Edge device implemented as:

Virtual Machine based on Linux Ubuntu Operating System.

the VM can be executed with some VM player or on some Cloud infrastructure. The Snap4City IOT Edge Linux Ubuntu VIRTUAL MACHINE includes:

  • 2 network cards (for example, one for ModBUS and the other for Intranet and internet connection, sending data to Snap4City cloud)
  • MySQL installed
  • NodeRED IOT Application editor, the standard one
  • Suite Advanced of Snap4City MicroServices (we suggest to update and the first installation from Node-RED on line library)
  • Addional Nodes/MicroServices for ModBus, MySQL, etc.

Please use as Username: ubuntu, password: ubuntu at the first use and then you can change as you like. 

Once the VM is put in execution, NodeRED (that is the IOT Applications edit is starting automatically). You can find it from http://<addressIP>:1880 

Docker container

NodeRED from Raspberry Pi

NodeRED is already intalled into any Raspberry Pi, so that you only need to install Snap4City palette from the official Node-RED library.

In both cases you can: