Orion Broker Filter, NGSI Security Wrapper, Proxy Filter Security


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The Orion Broker Filter (also called: "Security Proxy Filter", "Proxy Filter Security" or "NGSI Security Wrapper") is a NGSI compatible Security wrapper to enforce security connection and authentication ( LDAP KeyCloak) on NGSI protocol. It is supposed to work with IOT Orion Broker, but can be easily adapted to other IOT Brokers

The component has been developed by Snap4City DISIT lab and can be obtained from GitHUB: https://github.com/disit/snap4city/tree/master/OrionBrokerFilter

NGSI is a standard protocol of FiWarehttps://forge.fiware.org/plugins/mediawiki/wiki/fiware/index.php/NGSI-9/NGSI-10_information_model