notes on Appliance MAIN Snap4City VM version 1.6 of June 2022


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please follows the instruction for the VM MAIN appliance version 1.5

HOW TO: configure/install StartSNAP4CITYVM: starting appliance of Snap4City  and the VM appliance Snap4CityMAIN includes tools

in addition:

login with username/password as debian/debian from consol

$ su

write "debian"

$ pico /etc/network/interfaces

cut char "#" from line "iface eth0 inet dhcp"

and add char "#" on the following lines to obtain:
#iface eth0 inet static

press: Ctrl+x   and s to save

then press return to confirm the exit with saving. 

Please retart network via:

            sudo systemctl restart networking

The correct command may depend on the linux version and kind you are using. 

Please note that if you adopt a DHCP approach the Host ETC file has to present the IP address assigned to the VM by the DHCP.

If you use a fixed IP approach, be sure to take a free IP address, and that the VM has only one NIC activated.