Snap4City & Snap4Industry Registered Instances Installations

This web page reports the links and the main purpose of the registered Snap4City/Industry instances installed on your premise. Some of those installations have also an Organization in this main for testing all the solutions and get/test new fresh solutions/updates to decide to integrate them on their tools and/or for participating to the community of developers and of users of Snap4City/Industry.

In the following table, the Organizations and solutions partecipating to the main Living Lab of Snap4City and hosted by are not listed here, but can be recovered from:

 Snap4City installations have to use the reported logo linked to Https:// at the bottom right of each dashboard and in the main page of the service.

The exception are those directly managed by and by Snap4 which report any way Snap4 logos in other forms.

Name URL Operator URL of Operator purpose location Shape Size KB federated Living Lab descriptive local web page Https:// DISIT Https:// Smart City, Industry 4.0, any domain, training, development DISIT UNIFI Snap4City Industry, all Huge Yes Yes Https://
Snap4Altair, SODA not accessible from Internet ALTAIR managing chemical industry plant ALTAIR Industry medium no NO

Snap4Pisa, Mobimart AEDIT mobility and transport, POI PISA Smart City medium Yes Yes
SmartGardaLake Snap4

Environment, mobility, transport, POI, Culture, Tourism, etc. Garda Lake area Smart City small Yes (yes)  
Snap4 Snap4 Generic MultiOrganization solution for: Environment, mobility, transport, POI, Culture, Tourism, etc. Italy Smart City, Industry  Medium Yes Yes  
Snap4Asymmetrica Asymmetrica Generic Italy Smart City MICRO X No NO  
Italmatic not accessible from internet ITALMATIC Industry 4.0 Italy Industry 4.0 Small   NO
IDTsolutions not accessible from internet IDTsolutions Smart City, Industry    Smart City Micro X   No  
IMPETUS not accessible from internet IMPETUS       Smart City 

If you are interested to register your instance of Snap4XXX technology, please send this information to 

Direct Contracts and Projects Exploiting Snap4City platforms

In this section, a list of direct contracts and projects have been reported for your reference.

Direct contracts using Snap4City as reference platform:

Projects and pilots using Snap4City as reference platform:

The Snap4City Platform:

Snap4City solution passed PEN Test from Setek and Vulnerability Test from Thales in the 2019, they are mayor expert companies of the Cyber Security sector.