TC1.20: Add a private chat room at your dashboard (public or private)


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Test Case Title

TC1.20: Add a private chat room at your dashboard (public or private)


The owner of the dashboard can activate a chat and invite other registered users to participate to interact each other


The chat is activated by the owner of the dashboard.

Only registered users can participate.

Expected successful result

Activate a private chat in a dashboard and invite other registered users to participate and interact.



installation info the Chat Room is available for Snap4City solution on cloud when Rocket Chatroom support is installed. Please ask to have the Appliance.


In Snap4City registered users can interact each other via a private chat that can be activated by the owner of a dashboard.

The possibility to enable the chat in a dashboard and the functionalities available in the chat are compliant with the user role, as explained in the following table.

User role

Create chat

Add user

Archive chat

Read + Write

Read archived chat







Area Manager




If added


Area Manager + Owner Dashboard






ToolAdmin + Owner Dashboard






Root Admin







Creating/Archive Chat Room

To create a chat room, the owner of the dashboard has to enter in the edit mode. Then the user has to click on the chat button   on the top right corner of the dashboard. To create the dashboard creation, click the  button. If the chat room exists when the user clicks on the chat button, the chat room is opened.

In case of unread message(s), the chat button becomes red .

Add User

To invite a new user in a chat room, the dashboard owner has to type the username in the text area and then press the Add User button.  The dashboard must be public or the added user must be delegated for the access to the private dashboard.


Archive Chat Room

To deactivate a chat, the dashboard owner can press the Archive Chat button.  The chat room is closed and only the RootAdmin can read the chat room history.



When a user is connected to a dashboard, if in the top right corner the chat icon   is shown, this means that the user can interact with the chat and can read and write messages with the other users connected to the same dashboards and added in the chat room.

Composing messages

For sending messages in the Chat, the user must type a message in the message box and to press Enter or the Send Button.

To add multiple lines of text, press Shift + Enter to add a new line.


To format properly a message, special characters are available as follow:

Bold: *Lorem ipsum dolor* ;

Italic: _Lorem ipsum dolor_ ;

Strike: ~Lorem ipsum dolor~ ;

Inline code:

`Lorem ipsum dolor`;



Image: ![Alt text](https:// /favicon.ico) ;

Link: [Lorem ipsum dolor](https://www. /) or <https://www. |Lorem ipsum dolor> ;


To send a file to the other users:

  • Click on the Select Files from Computer   option from the attachment menu;
  • Drag and drop the file on the chat;

After Selecting the file, you are prompted to add a name and a description of it. After that just press the send button.


To insert an emoji in a message, click on the emoji button   

Then select one emoji by sections and search for emojis. Alternatively you can type out the full emoji name by using the following format: for example :grinning:


To mention another user, type @username or @all for all users.