Hackathon 2021: IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Snap4City


Pre-hackathon training and QnA: 11 October 2021 at 09:30

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Hackathon 2021: IEEE ITS + Snap4City INTRO

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Hackathon 2021: IEEE ITS + Snap4City TECH INFO




IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems, Snap4City Hack 2021 

Open from: Oct 15 - Dec 13 2021

Hackathon exploiting data and API of Snap4City platform: scalable Smart Analytic Application Builder for Sentient Cities. 
Two challenges on the topics of Intelligent transportation systems for Smart cities and IoT. 
6,500euro of awards sponsored by University of Florence - DISIT Lab and IEEE ITSS - Italian Chapter

Snap4City and the IEEE ITSS - Italian Chapter, recognizing the importance of promoting and uniting the ITS Italian community to push innovation and technology for the well-being of people, decided to launch two hackathon challenges as concrete tools to develop solutions to positively impact the life of citizens and the environment.

Key points

The IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Snap4City Hackathon is a hackathon on the topics of Intelligent transportation systems for Smart City and IOT. 

The hackathon is developed on Snap4City online platform from October 15 to December 13, 2021.  

All the participant solutions will be hosted by Snap4City.org

All proposal must be developed on Snap4City.org platform. In order to take part in the hackathon, you have to be registered on Snap4City (USING DISIT Organization) and then sign up to the Hackathon by clicking HERE. The registration on Snap4City will get you as a role Manager, while Hackathon participants will be immediately passed at AreaManager to provide them the access to the needed development tools into DISIT Organization inside Snap4City. 

During the hackathon, participants will be supported by tutors. A Snap4City pre-training meeting will be fixed and a complete training course is already accessible for all the participants https://www.snap4city.org/577 .

The Hackathon will be totally online, only the final awards ceremony could be live or mixt, depending on covid19 pandemic conditions.

Themes of the Challenges, expressed in Snap4City terminology

The Snap4City platform on DISIT organization allows you to access data (which cannot be download and redistributed for private use) regarding: car parking, public transport operators, bike sharing, pollutant, traffic flow, weather, point of interest, pollination, etc. in the whole Tuscany region which is a region with more than 3.5 M of inhabitants, and many relevant cities such as: Florence, Pisa, Siena, Livorno, Lucca, Arezzo, Massa, Grosseto, Pistoia, Prato.  https://www.snap4city.org/755  See also Welcome to those cities for a selection of Dashboards and data there:

Challenge A) Requires the use of Snap4City technology for the development of ITS urban mobility solutions. For this purpose the participants may use: one IOT App with multiple flows, one or more dashboards, and at most one data analytics process in Python or RStudio, exploiting MicroServices, Smart City API, IOT technology, FIWARE solutions. 

Challenge B) Development of solutions making use of Snap4City platform tools and data to provide a design idea without actually implementing the solution or providing a mock-up, but only a demo dashboard with available data (using them for simulating eventually missing data data). 

All of the solutions have to be running on Snap4City.org platform on cloud and may have some elements on IoT App on Edge. 

The solution has to be innovative in the mobility and transport domain .The proponents can add additional data, if the data are open and authorized by the provider.
The addition and publication of new data has to be authorized, and performed by using IoT Device (mainly FIWARE Orion Broker enabled) or MyKPI approaches. 

The challenge offers full freedom for creating new and innovative solutions to improve the future of mobility and transportation systems in the cities in which we live. For example, thematic areas could be:

  • sustainable mobility and transport
  • services for ITS
  • addition of devices and data and t heir usage
  • interesting data analytics on accessible data
  • predictive models and solutions
  • services for the final users in city or rural areas
  • event driven solution and early warning
  • anomaly detections of critical conditions. 
  • etc.

Who could participate

The hackathon is open to teams formed during registration of: individuals and groups which can be private, students, and/or belonging to public institutions/administrations. Only one registered account with full power for each team will be leveraged, and the team has to declare that account during the registration. The participants of the team may have other accounts with less capabilities. A team can propose only one solution A) or B). A team based on a group of people can be formed of maximum 5 members, and the majority of them have to be Italian resident. In the case of two people team, at least one has to be Italian resident.

Snap4City Technologies (https://www.snap4city.org

In order to facilitate the work of the teams during the Hackathons, we provide access to Snap4City through which participants can perform their applications and upload their projects in the most simple way. Snap4City is 100% opensource, providing a flexible method and solutions to quickly create a large range of smart city and IOT Apps exploiting heterogeneous data, expert systems, and enabling services for stakeholders by IOT/IOE, semantics, data analyticsbig data technologies, FIWARE Orion Broker.  

Snap4City applications support multiple paradigms as data driven, stream and batch processing.

In details, the major key aspects of solutions on Snap4City are: 

Evaluation criteria and Awards

The project will be evaluated by a jury based on the following evaluation criteria:  

  • Utility and Value of the Project in the context of ITS
  • Relevance to the proposed objectives;
  • Design / User Experience;
  • Creativity and Innovation of the Project;
  • Clarity and Completeness of the presentation of the Project;

On 15 December 2021 finalists will be identified to present a slide set and a demo in front of the jury at the final award ceremony the 20 December at 10:00 CET (to be confirmed). After all the projects selected will be presented the jury will evaluate them and will provide to announce the winners for each challenge. 

For Challenge A final winners will be awarded with a prize of 3000 euro, the second prize is 2000 euro, furthermore the winners could benefit in terms of visibility with the promotion on Snap4City website and on IEEE society magazine.

Challenge B winners will be awarded with a prize of 1000 euro, the second prize is 500 euro, even in this challenge the winners will benefit from project promotion.

Registration & Rules 

The registration for the hackathon is open! The registration for each challenge is completely free of charge. Subscribe and wait for the receipt of the confirmation by e-mail. We therefore advise you to keep an eye on your account during the fifteen days before the hackathon closes.  

Registration for the event(s) requires:

  • the acceptance of the Rules that you can view and download (CLICK HERE)
  • the registration to Snap4city, as 'DISIT' organization (CLICK HERE).
  • the registration to the Hackathon via the THIS LINK

Before the deadline set by 13th December 2021 proponents must submit: