Snap4City Abstract: the most and the advanced aspects

Smart Cities need to set up a flexible Living Lab to cope with the city evolution in terms of services and city users’ needs and capabilities. Snap4City solution ( ) provides a flexible method and solution to quickly create a large range of smart city applications exploiting heterogeneous data and enabling services for stakeholders by IOT/IOE, data analytics and big data technologies. Snap4City applications support multiple paradigms as data driven, stream and batch processing, putting co-creation tools in the hands of: (i) Smart Living Lab users and developers a plethora of solutions to develop applications without vendor lock-in, protocol lock-in, format lock-in, (ii) final users customizable / flexible mobile Apps and tools, (iii) city operators and decision makers specialized / sophisticated city dashboards and IOT/IOE applications for city status monitoring and control, (iv) experts with unified data model, data analytics, advanced machine learning integrated with knowledge reasoning, business intelligence, and data transformation tools. Snap4City satisfies all the expected requirements of Select4Cities challenge PCP, ENOLL, and EIP and much more, and it is 100% open source, scalable, robust, respecting user needs and privacy; provides MicroServices and easily replaceable tools; support GDPR; provides a set of tools for knowledge and living lab management, and it is compliant with more than 50 protocols including end-to-end encrypted communications, mutual authenticated (or other models), and official platform of FiWare, library of JS Foundation Node-RED, LoraWAN, SigFOX, The ThingsNetworks, OneM2M, ETSI, etc. etc.


The most innovative aspects of Snap4City solution are: