TC9.7 - Connection from LoraWan Dragino/arduino to Orion broker

Test Case Title

TC9.7 - Connection from LoraWan Dragino/arduino to Orion broker


Showing how it is possible to connect a LoraWan Dragino to Orion Broker.


An Arduino Mega 2056.

A shield for connection with I2C.

A shield Lora Bee to connect the Arduino to Dragino.

A Dragino.

The following functionalities are available only for specific Snap4city users with specific privileges.

Expected successful result

Create a device that can send data from sensor connected to Arduino to the platform LoraWan Dragino.




  1. Having the devices available in the requirements described at the beginning of this document and can be combined to make the final device in the following photo:


  1. In the photo you can see that the card that underpins everything is the Arduino Mega 2560. On it is installed the shield that allows you to connect to the sensors through the I2C protocol, as you can see the writing in white on blue background on the left. The yellow card at the top allows through the antenna visible on the right to connect to a dredge to send data from the sensors and the small flying card located on the other left is a watch dog that allows you to have a higher accuracy when measuring the clocks
  2. This device is connected to a LoraWan Dragino and through it you can send data to the Orion Broker.