TC6.2 - Search on DataGate for Data Sets


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Test Case Title

TC6.2 - Search on DataGate for Data Sets,


I can

Search Resources in DataGate/CKAN via Descriptors


Using a PC or Mobile with a web browser.

Users roles for which this test case is available: All (Area Manager, ToolAdmin, RootAdmin, Manager)

User used to describe the Example: ‘snap4city’

Expected successful result

List of the datasets published on the Datagate/CKAN tool: browsem, search, download, read the metadata, share, etc.




Please note that some of the following links could be accessible only for registered users.

Search data from the DataGate/CKAN:

  • Go to the Snap4city portal 
  • Make Login:
    • Fig. a) Insert your credentials and click on the ‘Login’ button
    • Fig. b) Search the Data Gate menu and click on it (‘Data Set Manager: Data Gate’)
    • Fig. c) you can see the Data Gate home page: list of all the datasets (if you are a Manager you can see only the public dataset, otherwise you can see also your not published dataset) 

Fig.  b – Data Gate Menu.


Fig.  c – Data Gate Home Page.


  • Search a Dataset
    • Case A) Starting from the home page (Fig. c), you can search the datasets using: i) the search form (e.g. write ‘wifi’, Fig. d); or ii) the tags on the left block (e.g. click on: ‘Antwerp > Show more tags > wifi), then it is visible a  dataset list, based on the search done (Fig. d).

Fig.  d – case A) Dataset list, based on the search done, from the ‘Datasets’ page.


  • Case B1) This is an alternative modality of Case A, to make search and obtaining the same result visible in Fig. d. Starting from the home page (Fig. a) or from your user profile page (Fig. c), click on the ‘Organizations’ tab and select a city (e.g. click on the ‘Antwerp’ Icon, Fig. e), search a dataset (use the search form, e.g. writing ‘wifi’, Fig.f1). 
  • Case B2) You can Obtain the same results clicking on the ‘Organization’ Main menu, clicking on the ‘Antwerp image (Fig. f2), and using the textual filter (Fig.f1).

Fig.  e – Case B1) Dataset list, based on the search done.


Fig.  f1 – case B1) How to make a search with tags and textual filters.


Fig.  f2 – Dataset name. in the Result list.


  • Starting from the dataset List (Fig. d or Fig. f1), you can click on the dataset name (e.g. on ‘public-wifi_wifiopenbaar’, Fig. g), then on the file name (e.g. ‘newwifiopenbaar.csv.csv’, Fig. h) and visualize the data (Fig. i).