HOW TO: Add an IOT Device on Snap4City platform that is already registered on an external IOT Broker


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This Case addresses the condition in which the IOT Device is already registered to an IOT broker (an Orion one), and thus the IOT Device data for its configuration can obtained by us from the IOT Orion Broker in almost automatic manner.
Please remind that this case supposes that the IOT Device has been already registered on an IOT Broker, i.e. the “orionFinland” ContextBroker as or the “Antwerp” ContextBroker as or  the "Antwerp2" ContextBroker as The IOT Orion Broker can connect JSON, MQTT, Lightweight M2M, LoraWAN, OPC, SigFOX, etc. see FiWare Snap4City is compatible with all the above protocols via IOT Orion Broker and via IOT Applications as well many others see table of protocols

    1. Click on left main menu IOT Directory and Devices -->  IOT Device



    1. Since the IOT Device is not yet present on the Platform, you can add it by clicking the Button New Device

    3) Once clicked the New Device Button a pop up appear as in the following figure in whcih several details are requested and can be filled if necessary. Not all of them may be necessary but are presented to you to verify. They are: IOT Broker, Info, Position and Values. let us now to proceed in order.


    Tab IoT Broker

    For example, for the Helsinki Orion Broker:


    Tab Info

    • name: specify the name of the device (which should be exactly the one specified in the IoT Broker) and click the check button (all the other fields are disabled). The system will retrieve the device information and also the information related with the sensors/actuators directly from the IoT Broker (IOT Orion Broker) to fill them into the current form. At this point you can complete the missing information and conclude the insertion of the device.

    For example, for a "AirQualityObserved" device named 373773207E330108:


    Position and values tabs

    These forms will be populate automatically accordling the information retrieved from the IoT Broker


    1. When all the information has been inserted, its needed to press the Button Confirm to terminate the registration of the device
    1. Then, after about 10 minutes, the IOT Device and corresponding data will be accessible, and you will find them into the list of your data in the Data Inspector view, for Dashboards, etc., go in the Data Inspector to search your data by GPS location, name, nature as you like.

      To check if the device has been correctly added to the Platform, its possible to search the device by its name.

    2. To check if the sensors values has been correctly configured on the Platform, the user has to press, from the left main menu, the button called Data Inspector

    3. Here the user needs to insert in the search box the name of the device. The list of the sensors values related to the registered device has to appear in the filtered list (the refresh of this list is scheduled every 10 minutes, so in case the device does not appear immediately, wait a maximum interval of time of 10 minutes.)