IDE Setup for Snap4All IOT Button, and source code


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see Snap4All IOT Button: based on ESP32 for the configuration of version 3 IOT button

-----------------the following description refers to version 2 -------------

Details about Snap4All IOT Button

  • in additional boards manager url
  • Save, ok
  • Tool>board>board manager
  • Search for esp8266 and install the boards
  • Sketch>include library>manage…
  • Search fastled and install it, you should obtain
  • Try to compile the code

Settings as shown in the figure

  • Flash mode: DIO

The default settings for the board are: generic ESP8266, flash mode DIO, programmer AVRISP mkII.

To connect the device to a USB you will need a serial adapter for ESP01 or a USB to Serial adapter.

Pins are connected from left to right: GND, CTS, 3.3V, TX, RX, DTR.

In case you are using an ESP01 programming adapter make sure to connect pin as in photo.

The source code of version 2.0 is: