Service Level Agreement


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Date: 19-01-2024

status: operative


This service agreement is valid for who signed a contract (convenzione, agreement) with UNIFI DINFO DISIT Lab for the Snap4City service. This agreement is overwritted by specific details reported in the contract, and what is reported here is only the generic version of the SLA. Please note that different SLA are applied for first, second and third level manintenance support. Some of the models may be applied only on snap4city platforms installed on your premise, and others when the handover is performed, pass you t he control of the platform we installed in your premise/cloud or in a public cloud at your disposal.

Service Level Rules: the help desk is open H24/7 while the response to you email are typically produced at working hours: 8:30-19:00 CET time. Km4City /Snap4City Smart City API Service Availability, robustness

the support is provided by HELP DESK 

and via the contact form:

Any occurrence of incidents is received by Help Desk personnel, classified and addressed in due time.

  • At the reception of the email (preferably) we perform the Incident identification, logging,  categorization and prioritization
  • incident is analysed via an Initial diagnosis, to identify the area and responsible which have to address it. The responsible(s) is(are) contacted and the priority revised. The areas are: Knowledge baseDashboardsIOT DirectoryIOT DevicesIOT Applications production, IOT Applications management, Security, DataGate, Resource Manage, Data Ingestion, Portal, Data Analytics, Scheduling/processing.
  • Incident resolution in taken in charge by one or more responsible, up to the Incident internal closure
  • Passed to the testing and regression testing, up to complete closure and reporting
  • Communication with the user community throughout the life of the incident

The incidents (as well as the quality of support level) are classified as follows:

  • Critical -- Priority 1 --  8 hours resolution: affect a very large impact on the users and services.
  • High -- Priority 2-- 24 work hours resolution: affect a large number of users, and service delivery.
  • Moderate -- Priority 3 -- 3 business days resolution: affect a few users and interrupt work to some degree, may be slightly affected or inconvenienced.
  • Low -- Priority 4 -- 5 business days resolution: do not interrupt users and services, and can be worked around

Monthly Availability can be defined as the ability of a service to provide intended function in business hours over a calendar month.

Monthly Reliability can be defined as the ability of a service or service component to provide intended function in business hours at a specific time or over a calendar month, excluding scheduled maintenance periods.

  • Average service level target (as a percentage per month): 95% 
  • Minimum (as a percentage per month): 85% 

In reality, the service continuity in terms of API is monitored by E015 of Lombardia Region for H24/7 for Smart City API Km4City and resulted in an average of service availability above the 99% since several months. Km4City /Snap4City Smart City API Service Availability, robustness

The service level targets is subject to the following limitations and constraints:

  • Support is provided in language: English, Italian
  • Downtimes caused due to upgrades for fixing critical security issues are not considered agreement violations.
  • Force Majeure. A party shall not be liable for any failure of or delay in the performance of this Agreement for the period that such failure or delay is due to causes beyond its reasonable control. Means any
    • fire, flood, earthquake or natural phenomena,
    • wide area network interruptions, 
    • war, embargo, riot, civil disorder, rebellion, revolution
    • or any other causes beyond the control of DISIT lab, of DINFO of UNIFI.

When you have Snap4City solution intalled on your premise specific SLA can be requested.
Typically the SLA for operation of Snap4City installations on Premise Cloud, not applicable on is: