TC8.1 - Snap4City Portal as a support for Living Labs, collaborative and co-work, Snap4City Portal as a single point to information Access and Discussion


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TC8.1 - Snap4City Portal as a support for Living Labs, collaborative and co-work, Snap4City Portal as a single point to information Access and Discussion


  • Access to the Living Lab support pages, community of users, to establish collaboration on data, processes, tool, source code of the platform, etc.
  • Access to a single portal to have access to all information: DataGate, ProcessLoader, one or more Snap4City Applications, ServiceMap, ServiceMap3D, Dashboard Builder, Notificator, Developer Dashboard, etc.
  • Access to all tools and examples according to the different activities
  • provide comments on tools and contributing to their improvement with my data, processes, solutions, external services, etc.
  • Access to a blog for discussing about each tool and in general,
  • Access to the information for help desk
  • Access to documentation and manuals according to the user kind, and different level of complexity
  • Access to clear information about the incentives for stakeholders
  • Access to links to get the source code of the tools as reported in the Appendix
  • promote the Snap4City Portal activity via Social Media.
  • Managing User Profile according to GDPR
  • Registering to the services and getting access to my user profile
  • Creating a blog
  • Searching into the portal


Using a PC or Mobile with a web browser. You need credentials to access at  Snap4City. For the pilot the Snap4City Portal is not public so far.

The following functionalities are available only for specific Snap4city users with specific privileges.

Expected successful result

Access to all the information and tools in an integrated manner. This TC is about what you can find into the tool to facilitate living lab support.




Please note that some of the following links could be accessible only for registered users.

The Snap4City is available at the following link:  The Snap4City Portal of the City/Region tools (directly managed by the City or by some City Operator, but is a collaborative environment in which contribution may be produced by all stakeholders) is the first entry point to get information about how to be engaged into the platform, how to contribute, and how to create personal Dashboard with or without IOT flow (that we call IOT Application) for City Users of any kind. The Snap4City Portal is the location in which:



In the User Login area on the right column a new user can create a new account or to register by using its Social Media existing accounts that are show after requested the registration. The user registration is moderated and has to be approved by the portal administrator.

Once requested the user receive an email to go ahead in the registration process. 

By inserting a valid user name and password, the user access in the private area that present on the left side the Snap4City Menu and on top of the main from the collaborative tools for Blogs.


As depicted in the figure we organized:

  • On upper right corner and menu blog for a number of hot topics while other can be added as well.
  • In the menu on the left a number of articles and documents are also accessible, and for each of the, the user can left their comments and establish a discussion with other users and builders.
  • “Documentation and Articles”
    Each topic presents the possibility to Add a new comment. Also, it is possible to Create a new blog entry by clicking the green button at the top of the page.
    In addition, the solution provides a powerful index and search capability for all the documentation that is enriched with the text of the test cases produced for this document.

Since the Snap4City portal is a collaborative tool, in the section users can actively collaborate by publishing blog posts, comments and asking for clarifications and send suggestions. The Collaborative section is structured in a number of arguments of interest. The portal registered users can select the argument of interest to enter in the specific section among those available.
Moreover, the user has also access to: FAQ, video, source code, Helpdesk, etc.
On the top left, the

To post a new blog, the user can click the green button “Create new blog entry”.

Blog entries in the Collaboration section can be commented. Below the blog article, in the “Add new comment” section:

  • Enter a subject
  • Write a comment/question/suggestion in the Comment field
  • Click the Save button