Real Time and Data Driven Capabilities of API

For a more complete overview of data nd event driven processes please read: 

In snap4City you can implement end-to-end processes from device to dashboard which are secure over TLS and event driven.

Snap4City APIs are open and well documented. They support real time data streams, on demand and event driven. Real time open data are managed in the full stack from IOT Device/Brokers, IOT Applications and Dashboard such as via: WebSockets, MQTT, etc. The real time stream can be managed at level of IOT Device/Application, Data Analytics and directly on Dashboards with WebSockets. In addition, the so called Sensor API for Mobile Phone and other devices can be used to communicate to the back office about their status, position, etc. It is also used to get back suggestions, hints, assistance, soundages, etc. 

Snap4City Smart City API Advanced Smart City (Search data: by text, near POI, along line, etc...; Empowering the city users; Access to event information; Info and service on Public and private Mobility; Access to Cultural and Touristic information; Access to health services & Environmental info),  IOT Device Registration, Notificator, DISCES Scheduler, Km4City Web App, Resource Manager, Sensor API.