HTML5 MicroApplications Smart City API

Each view of the Web and Mobile App also known as: “Firenze dove cosa” and/or “Toscana dove cosa”, available on Google Play, Apple store and Microsoft Store, and as HTML5 applications can be invoked separately to create MicroApplications. These MicroApplications are listed below together a link to call them see . They can be invoked directly and embedded into third party web pages and in the City Dashboards produced by the Dashboard Builder.

App A.1.                      General Call


This call allows users to go directly to perform the functions in the web app without interacting with the buttons.

This version refers to the Knowledge Base containing Florence and the whole Tuscany.




One of the following values:

  • discovercity
  • aroundyou
  • aroundyou/accomodation
  • aroundyou/agricultureandlivestock
  • aroundyou/advertising
  • aroundyou/civilandedilengineering
  • aroundyou/culturalactivity
  • aroundyou/educationandresearch
  • aroundyou/emergency
  • aroundyou/entertainment
  • aroundyou/environment
  • aroundyou/financialservice
  • aroundyou/governmentoffice
  • aroundyou/healtcare
  • aroundyou/industryandmanufacturing
  • aroundyou/miningandquarrying
  • aroundyou/shoppingandservice
  • aroundyou/tourismservice
  • aroundyou/transferserviceandrenting
  • aroundyou/utilitiesandsupply
  • aroundyou/wholesale
  • aroundyou/wineandfood
  • textsearch
  • poi
  • publictransport
  • publictransport/ticket
  • publictransport/pathfinder
  • publictransport/timetable
  • publictransport/tplsearcher
  • privatetransport
  • privatetransport/cyclepaths
  • privatetransport/autosearcher
  • privatetransport/carposition
  • privatetransport/fuelstation
  • privatetransport/parking
  • privatetransport/pathfinder
  • events
  • suggestionsnearyou
  • suggestions
  • weather
  • personalassistant
  • environmentmenu
  • environmentmenu/infosoc
  • environmentmenu/weatherinmenu
  • environmentmenu/cyclepathsenvironment
  • environmentmenu/greenareas
  • environmentmenu/agricultureandlivestockenvironment
  • environmentmenu/environment2
  • environmentmenu/pollen
  • environmentmenu/pollution
  • health
  • health/emergencymenu
  • health/healtcaremenu
  • health/pharmacy
  • health/firstaid
  • other
  • other/favourites
  • other/chronology
  • other/lastcontribution
  • other/rating
  • other/information
  • other/tips
  • authentication
  • settings
  • aboutus



<latitude>; <longitude>

If present, disables information coming from the GPS sensor and manually enters these values.



Show details of a serviceuri



Get a GeoJson passed as URL and draw it on the map




Change the language of the interface. Possible values (ita, eng, fra, deu, esp)


App A.2.                      Optional parameters for specific operation





<latitude>; <longitude>

These values are entered as the destination point and the route is calculated using the values entered in the coordinates parameter as the starting point


One of the following:

  • car
  • foot_shortest
  • foot_quiet
  • public_transport;10.409746&coordinates=43.533860;11.568589&routeType=foot_shortest;11.2713&coordinates=43.795;11.2652&routeType=public_transport


search operations


maximum distance from the GPS position of the services to be retrieved, expressed in Km (0.1 is used if parameter is missing)


maximum number of results to be returned (if parameter is missing 100 is assumed), if it is 0 all results are returned;11.25&operation=aroundyou/civilandedilengineering&maxDistance=2&maxResults=50


App A.3.                      Wider set of Examples