TC11.4 - Saving and Accessing to MyPersonalData from IOT App via MicroService


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Test Case Title

TC11.4 - Saving and Accessing to MyPersonalData from IOT App via MicroService


The goal for this test case is to present a scenario that describe how to securely store and access MyPersonalData from IOT Application using the microservice.


Using a PC or Mobile with a web browser. You need credentials to access into the Snap4City Portal.

The following functionalities are available only for specific Snap4city users with specific privileges.

Expected successful result

Management of my profile and personal data



See for MyPersonal dataType management:

  1. To demonstrate “Saving and Accessing to MyPersonalData from IOT App via MicroService”, go to the Snap4city Portal and make the Login. You can use the user “snap4city”
  2. The user is redirect to his/her Main Page.

  3. To demonstrate this test case the user can click on the IOT Applications on the left bar and choose the nr25 IOT Application

  4. The IOT Application is shown. This IOT Application is already described in “TC2.2: Scenario with IOT Applications with users sharing position, GDPR, real time data”. Here, we will focus on the aspect of the Personal Data management, via the use of two microservice: save-my-data and get-my-data

  5. Double clicking on the module permits to configure the block. If no information is inserted, the block simply uses as the input generated from previous block in the flow.
  6. For example, for the upper save-my-data (that is empty if you double click) the message saved in MyPersonalData is inject by the My Position block, that generate a payload below.
    This payload store in the Protected MyPersonalData the position of the user (variablevalue). The variablename is set to longitude_latitude and variableunit is gradi_decimali (decimal degrees.). A motivation can be also specified for special user needs.

  7. In the other scenario, if you double click on the upper get-my-data, you can see that the information to communicate to the MyPersonalData is described in the node_properties (and so, it’s not injected from previous node). In this example the user retrieve the last 2 data of its’ latitude_longitude information. The specified Motivation is defined according special user needs. Additional date limits can be also specified (Start Date and End Date).

  8. These Data are stored and accessed from the MyPersonalData module, in a protected way that guarantee its privacy. The user can access this data and manage (delete, download) from the main dashboard clicking on MyProfile à My Personal Data Types. In “TC11.1: Working with “My Personal Data Type” according to GDPR” there is a complete description of these functionalities (delete, delegation, download). Any of the data stored from the microservice are managed privately and nobody can access it, beside a delegation is issued to a specific user.