High Levels IOT Protocols


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The Snap4City platform supports multiple communication patterns without limitations, among them: discovery; telemetry; inquiries; commands; notifications. 

See Supported Protocols for the full list of supported protocols

Snap4City Supported Protocols, adding new protocols

For covering the different approaches/protocols, the Snap4City platform adopts: multiple IOT Brokers (IOT Orion Broker, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, ..), Wrappers, ETL Processes for direct connections, IOT NodeRED blocks. See also page on protocols SUPPORTED PROTOCOLS  In details, Snap4City is multiprotocol integrating different solutions for connecting and interacting with IOT devices (on protocols such as: COAP, MQTT, STOMP, AMQP, etc.) and other level protocols (SOAP, HTTP, OneM2M, REST, HTTPS, SFTP, ODBC, WebSocket, etc.).

For the list of SUPPORTED PROTOCOLS at level of IOT App, ETL e Dashboards Snap4City Supported Protocols, adding new protocols

For the list of SUPPORTED Formats click here 

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