Acting on the basis of Data and Data Analytics


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In Snap4City, Actions based on the information and event of the Dashboard can be Firing Conditions: on the basis of:  

  • Data Values shown on the dashboard with some conditions and reference values;
  • City Events coming from other services such as Civil Protection, observer for traffic, police, etc.; also on some ESB, Enterprise Service Bus;
  • data and service healthiness as shown on (i) dedicated Dashboard, (ii) Wizard; (Automatically assessed in any way)
  • IOT Application healthiness (automatically assessed in any way)
  • Web Service and web portal healthiness and service level as shown on dedicated Dashboards

Firing conditions can be set for each widget of each dashboard of each user, thus actions on the verification of those conditions are defined and can be executed by

  • the dashboard builder by blinking  the widget and showing the thresholds;
  • the dashboard builder sending events on some ESB, Enterprise Service Bus;
  • the Notificator to email alert and note to one or more targets, also using templates;
  • one or more IOT Applications which
    • 1) allow to define sophisticated logic that can: (i) get alerts by accessing to the Notificator MicroService, (ii) compute alerts on the basis of data received into the IOT Applications.
    • 2) Act by: sending a message in Push to some other IOT Application,
    • 3) Act by: sending email, sending messages via Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, etc.