Scenario: IMPETUS Intelligent Management of Processes, Ethics and Technology for Urban Safety


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Snap4city has been selected by the IMPETUS consortium as the reference platform for the project to integrate and unify the interdependent solutions for urban security that will be implemented in the pilot cities of Oslo and Padova.

IMPETUS aims to provide city authorities with new means to improve the security of public spaces in smart cities, and so help and protect citizens. It delivers an advanced, technology-based solution that helps operational personnel, based on data gathered from multiple sources, to work closely with each other and with state-of-the art tools to detect threats and make well-informed decisions about how to deal with them.

IMPETUS exploits several tools to improve the security of public spaces in smart cities focusing on three main aspects:

  • Technology, leveraging the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data analysis to provide powerful tools to help operational personnel manage physical and cyber security in smart cities.
  • Processes, defining the steps that operational personnel must take, and the assessments they need to make, for effective decision making and coordination – fully aligned with their individual context and the powerful support offered by the technology.
  • Ethics, balancing potentially conflicting needs to collect, transform and share large amounts of data with the imperative of ensuring protection of data privacy and respect for other ethical concerns – all in the context of ensuring benefits to society.

Thanks to the high interoperability and flexibility mechanisms of Snap4city, IMPETUS consortium is able to integrate, in a single platform with adaptable UI, the individual technologies, the processes aspects and to match them with the ethical requirements, exploiting the GDPR compliance of Snap4city.

As showed by the table below the tools and their scopes are several from monitoring phases to the response optimization and learning from experiences, so Snap4city is able to integrate them in a single environment where the final users, identified as all actors involved in dealing with urban security: decision-makers, managers and emergency operational personnel can customize the dashboards focusing on their main needs.

The solution has been already performed in the phase 1 of the validation path called “Technical and acceptance testing on non-live system”. In August and October 2022 the Phase 2 and 3 will follow, called “Live exercises” involving the cities of Oslo and Padova as trial sites. Initial trials test the capacity of the tools to collect, analyse and present aggregated data during normal live conditions. Controlled live exercises towards the end of the project are designed to validate the usability and effectiveness of the overall IMPETUS solution in supporting operational performance.

IMPETUS has also carried out the COSSEC community (Community of Safe and Secure Cities) in which prof. Paolo Nesi, Snap4City coordinator, is involved. The COSSEC community gathers experts from several organizations and cities to provide IMPETUS feedbacks about the project results and to focus them on the different needs of the final users.

IMPETUS - Intelligent Management of Processes, Ethics and Technology for Urban Safety
This project receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 883286