AMPERE Project - Furniture, art and fashion in an innovative electrochemical process with remote control and circular eco-friendly

The AMPERE Project has been formally funded by the Tuscany Region.

The AMPERE project aim to automate a production chain and includes the installation of sensors on two production lines: the one used for the galvanic treatment of the fashion products covered and the other is about the treatment of waste generated by the production steps of electrochemical treatment.

Sensors will be connected from an IoT (Internet of Things) and IoE (Internet of Everything) perspective with a system for control, monitoring and remote control of the production lines with the aim of automating the production and integration processes between the various companies involved in the supply chain, increasing the productivity and decreasing defects and economic and environmental impacts, the latter with the double declination, external environment and work environment.
The role of the Snap4City/DINFO-DISIT Lab is to integrate and to analyse data in the field, display on dashboards and create two apps for mobile devices for end users to facilitate the production control.

Partners:  Eco-Tech Finisch S.r.l., Sim Green, Loren Jewelry, Il Bronzetto, DISIT Lab (UNIFI).