Snap4City mobile App: City in a Snap (available for Antwerp and Helsinki)


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The users download the App from the Google play store or other stores, after the installation, he/she may decide to:

  • Use the App anonymously or
  • perform registration declaring his profile choosing among groups/profile identified and listed in the table below according to the Organization. In addition, it may declare language. According to the profile, the App will stress specific topics, providing data and view from a different perspective, arranging menus in different manner, etc.


The "xxxx in a Snap" mobile Apps are structurally similar.

  • Antwerp version is more focused on Environment, Bike Mobility, Entertainment, Social and services, in SmartZone
  • Helsinki version is more on Environmental and Mobility aspects, including predictions, in Jätkäsaari area.


At the registration they have to sign the consent to be tracked. The tracking would be explicit, so that the GPS coordinates will be sent to server only when the user is engaged. The communication of data to the server can be performed when the user (i) perform some action, (ii) just pass near to a POI and see his blinking in the navigation mode stimulating the user in performing an action. The App behavior is substantially identical on Apple and Android.


The goals and benefits for the final users (moving in the area with the App):

  • Access to the Points of Interest of the city:
    • A large collection of them on several categories: accommodation, agriculture, cultural, education, emergency, entertainment, environment, financial, gov, health, shopping, tourism, transfer and mobility, utilities, wine and food, etc… (some of them are differentiated by city)
    • The users may provide contributions for example: images, comments, and ranking votes
  • Be aware about the environmental and weather conditions in real time, with:
    • values and heatmaps, and their definitions accessible via
    • See short-/long-term predictions about: dust, pollution, weather, very relevant for protected user categories.
    • Possibility of performing a subscription on most of them (subscription will provide to the user an email and a notification on App)
    • Be timely informed (notified) of eventual warning cases coming from objective data analytics, very relevant for protected user categories, to reduce their discomfort.
      • The notification can be on all Environmental Variables (e.g., AQI, PM10, PM2.5, Noise, SO2, etc., and Temperature, Humidity, etc.) and also on Predictions of Enfuser (Helsinki)
      • Providing relevant information to the platform: critical points, critical conditions, etc.
      • Be aware about eventual emerging critical points/issues in the area, for example a dis-attention in the protection/limitation of building area, an area with strong noise and/or dust production, etc. based on data coming from other people (especially for Helsinki).
  • Transport: Access to mobility and transport information:
    • Ticket sale offices, Rentals (Helsinki)
    • Bike Sharing, …
    • Routing for pedestrian: shortest and quietest
      • Getting a pedestrian routing as a suggestion quite/clean walking by passing in areas in which the trucks/cars are not passing, and via gardens, etc.
    • Routing for Cars, private vehicles
    • Routing Multimodal with Public Transportation (only for Helsinki)
    • A service for save and retrieval Personal Car Position
    • Access to the TimeTable of Public transport
    • Access to the Stops near to your position
    • Discover parking areas near to you.
    • See the status of Tunnels and Ferry (Antwerp)
  • Getting suggestions on which part of the city/area to walk (or pass via car) taking into account of events occurring in the area at that moment and usually (short term).
    • See the safe on bike heatmap (Antwerp)
    • An Heatmap of the most clicked locations by Apps will be added in successive version as soon as data will be collected from the App. This feature is also accessible from Dashboards.
    • On Antwerp the events of DIGIPOLIS will be accessible in a second version
  • Be aware about entertainment events in the area:
    • On Helsinki the list of Entertainment Events
  • Be informed when a new service appear and/or changes are occurred in the area.
    • For example, in changes on the GTFS, POI, parking (this information is still pending), environmental aspects, people flow and counting.
    • This feature can be activated from the Engagement Manager sending news and suggestions to the App.
  • Be supported by:
    • Assistant with the notifications and engagement
    • Forum for the discussions
    • Access to the Snap4City Portal
      • Manage all the GDPR aspects
    • Help and contacts
    • Information
  • MyActivity: Access to user personal data and tools
    • List of Favorites
    • Chronology of actions
    • Latest contributions performed by users
    • Personal Dashboard if any
    • Dashboard published by the City
    • MyPOI: saved points of interest
    • MyTracks: saved trajectories performed on App
    • Friend Tracks: trajectories performed and shared by other friends to you
    • Only for developers and Officials:


The goals and benefits for the city:

  • Increasing the quality of life of the resident citizens
  • Increasing the permanence time of users (tourists, visitors) in the area
  • Increasing the probability of returning in the area
  • Increasing the visibility of secondary offer POIs in the area (for example small or new:  museums, churches/chapels/gardens, bars, etc.), that do present a lower number of people while others are really crowded at the same time instant
  • Increasing revenues of the business owners in the area
  • Comparing Environmental Enfuser data with those of other sources (for Helsinki)
  • Comparing city data with respect to those of other cities, still available on the platform: mobility offer, environmental data, weather, etc.
  • Getting information about the hot places/POIs (at the different time slots of the day and in the week) for increasing cleaning, garbage collection and security.
    • Observing the time trends, and/or the trends of the heatmap, on Dashboard.
    • Observing the most clicked places, Origin destination paths, most taken trajectories in the area, on Dashboard
  • Getting fresh information about eventual new critical occurrences in the area, for early warning, and also to be informed.
    • See comments on POI and services in general produced by the users
  • By Engagement Management: Possibility of directly communicating/stimulating city users (different kind of them) of the area for stimulating and providing them specific communication/information about emergency, opportunities, etc., on the basis of a number of firing conditions: GPS position, profile kind, past actions, role in Snap4City, and level of engagement, etc.  
    • Stimulating second offer
    • Informing citizens about events and works
    • Informing business owner about new opportunities
    • Etc.


The data:


The main Data Analytics and computing are (see complete list in KPI document):

  • heatmaps of several kind
  • Air Quality Index
  • proximity and other value for the contextual condition of the users
  • routing paths
  • predictions of several variables
  • anomaly detections and thresholds for alerting
  • trajectories of the final users
  • Origin Destination matrix of final users
  • other minors