Helsinki List of Services and OnLine Data

In the Helsinki area (updated at 08-04-2019)

Data structures:


  • Open Street Map
  • 3D structure of the city Building from GIS service of the city
  • Traffic flow historical data from the mobility and transport service of the city




Sensor, real time data:

DataGate/CKAN added Federated CKAN to make accessible Open Data or third party Portals

  • several data sets are now accessible for developers, different domains


External Services of Helsinki:

MicroServices for IOT exploiting external services via REST API of Helsinki: using them via IOT Application, listed on here are reported only those in addition to the Snap4City Suites (basic or advanced) which include Twitter Vigilance access, etc. 

  • Event in Finland: Cultural and educational events (Frequently updated events from multiple cultural event organizers including concerts, sports events, museum exhibitions and many more. ) 
  • Places in Finland: Point of Interest (Over 2000 places of interest, restaurants, shops, hotels etc. in and around Helsinki. Data is frequently updated by local businesses, locals and visitors alike. )
  • Touristic Activities in Finland (High-quality experiences from local service providers, including for example archipelago cruises and city walking tours)
  • Multilingual events (fi, sv, en)
  • Road TV Camera in Finland (from DIGITRAFFIC)

Additional Data and data accesses: