Snap4City Hackathon 2019 finalists for Antwerp and Helsinki

Snap4City announces that the following teams are the finalists that have been invited to the final ceremony that named the winners of the Snap4City hackathon.

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Snap4city HackathonAntwerp finalists (in alphabetic order)

Team name: Greenifiers

Objectives: The main aim of Greenifier is to gamify the urban mobility concept in a challenging eco-friendly game. The user is invited to join the Greenifier community and to earn points by using public transportation and bike/vehicle sharing services. The app monitors the user’s trip and provides points accordingly. The App is supported by an IOT App for the logic and exploits a large number of Snap4City services and tools. 

Team name: Lulla

Objectives: A dashboard integrating different data with the aim to put at ease the tourist who comes in the city for the first time with an overivew of the services and info they might need as soon as they arrives in the city. Some of the buttons on the dashboard lead to open other dashboards and External Services in the area.