Snap4City Hackathon 2019 Finalist: LULLA (ANTWERP)


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Description of the application:

Snap4City is a scalable application able to keep the real time city evolution under control, getting insights and deductions of the city’s status and evolution. It is 100% open source and can be used to set up smart city solutions satisfying a very huge range of applications and decisional needs.

The aim of this report is to explain operations implemented to build a Dashboards created with Antwerp data: Antwerp @ First Sight.

Dashboard implemented are created by using Widgets elements and Wizard tools, the latter very useful to perform easily and understandable matching between multiple data available in Resource Manager, Micro Applications and External Services sources.

Antwerp @ First Sight”

The scope of the Dashboard is to put at ease the tourist who arrives in the town for the first time.