Snap4City Hackathon Finalist: 2PLE (HELSINKI)


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Description of the Application:

2+1 applications; the first two with Touristic proposition, the third one for the equivalent of Italian "Civil Protection" proposition.

Touristic: The base application (free and maybe advertise by Tourism Office with QR code in offices or newspaper/bus stops/airport terminal once mobile app is ready) will contain the minimum valuable POIs for a new tourist in Helsinki (Hackathlon POIs Dashboard is fully functional), but you have to open the MAP URL ( for trigger events. It consist in a map of Helsinki where the tourist can geo-localize himself or insert directly a marker in the map and by default it return the list of Public Transportation (Bus Stops, Bike rental…) for live the city in Ecological Mode. In addition there are some "life-saving" categories that can be added/removed on map as POI: Accommodation (Hotels, B&B,…), Tourism (Museum, Bank POS,,…), Foods (Restaurant, Winery,…) and Private Transportation (Car Park, Camperr Services,…). For Bus and Tram POIs there is also the number and track of Lines passing through. For Accommodation and Food POIs we added some useful touristic information (address, phone number, email) with website (where present) adding a referral parameter, a kind of fast-track for booking/reservation; the customer will be redirect on website and if will book (restaurant or hotel) we can get some revenues not directly from the customers but from the structure (using the same mechanism of Google AdWords), a sort of commission for having linked the final customer to the structure. In the future we can also think about a kind of Sponsored Spot in the results; in this case we'll sell spots directly to who wants to be visible before (example better color, some stars in the structure title, recommended by team under title, the style can be totally personalized) and we could have also a sponsorship income.
Based upon this base and free application, we thought to create some premium features that are locked and that tourist/customer can buy it as plugin for the base application (plugin cost will depend of kind of plugin but probably not over 2€/plugin).

Our proposal PoC is called GreenWalk (!/0) consist in adding a start and a finish points on the map (actually limited to only 2 points, without specific intermediate POIs), it will be shown the walk track with alerting of air pollution measured combined to wind strength and direction. In our POC the arrow indicates the route to follow and is colored by using a weighted combination of wind direction and angle between track (9% of final score) and nearest air quality indicator AQI (91%); the same value is represent also on the heatmap layer on the MAP. Colors are according with levels (green to purple for a total of 5 ranges).
We have done 2 separate IOT and maps/dashboards in order to split the development and check different snap4city features but can be easily merged in the same IOT application and plot data on the same map with an unique dashboard for control.

The same approach of paid-for-plugin using more or less the same components can be used for specific topic like walk with baby (giving much more weight to areas like park or only-pedestrian zone) or for runners, using some specific spot like traffic free areas, cycle paths, presence of drinkable fountains in order to suggest the best track.

We would like to underline that it can be useful try, especially in Helsinki, to add much more information; we haven't found information about museum or historic places to visit maybe could be useful have information about queues, attendance or affluence (real time and/or trend) in order to schedule specific tracks for city visit without spending time in boring queues or propose alternative choices in case of too long wait expectation.

A very good point is that, if the snap4city device standard output is guaranteed, this POC can be applied to every city that have these kind of sensors and each plugin-app based upon this technology will work as expected.

Civil Protection: The other topic we would like to improve is the Civil Protection, so we have recovered all the weather, air quality and traffic sensors available and we have simple created a dashboard where the Finnish-equivalent of Italian Civil Protection can monitor the real-time situation of Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality (plotted only PM10 and PM2.5), Wind speed and direction, Snow and Rain accumulation and Traffic Flow and average speed of Highways (available on Hackathlon Dashboard).
Each of this measure can be attached to a threshold and if more than this can do some kind of action (we tested only if instant wind speed is over 10 and pm10 instant value is over 10 try to send an email; the final deployed threshold have been setted to 50ug/m3 for PM10 and 50km/h for wind), but for Civil Protection purpose we can send a Tweet with the official account, or do a Facebook post or try to automatize if there are some critical situation. Actually the refresh rate is set to 30 minutes; this value can be modified accordingly with sensors data refresh rate. No revenue model is associated to this purpose.

For future improvements, we could also add buttons on dashboard to force the send of information to social channels, or adding the trends also for all the air quality components and try to predict, based upon oldest series what is expected and how to anticipate the issue.

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  • HelsinkiHackathon Metrics
  • HelsinkiHackathon POIs
  • GreenPath


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