Snap4City Hackathon 2019 Finalist: GREENIFIERS (ANTWERP)


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Description of the Application:

Greenifier is an ecosystem. Our mission is “Make It Green”!!!

We want to gamify the urban mobility concept in a challenging eco friendly game. For your health and your city’s health.

How it works:

  • First of all you will join the Greenifiers community
  • Use the public transportation or a shared bike/vehicle (we will call them “eco friendly transportation”) and record your trip => you will earn 1 point for each km
  • We will use the sensors and the weather data of the city to analyze the trend and predict whether the pollution will reach a certain threshold; if so, we will send you an alert (in-app and/or email); it means it’s a “red day” so “Make It Green”!
  • If you use an “eco friendly transportation” during a “red day” you will get double points; for example 2 points for each km
  • Enjoy (eat, drink, visit museums, etc.) your time at one of our green partners
  • => you will get a discount (10%) and extra points for each EUR you spend; for example 10 EURO = 1 point
  • When you will reach 1000 points we (with the support of our partners) will plant a tree in your name
  • We will create a ranking of all Greenifiers: show off your love for Mother Earth!

How it is:

Screenshot Task Data Source

Public Transport Near me

A map centered in the user location is displayed.

The map lists all nearby bus stops.

Hovering (desktop) or tapping (mobile) on a bus stop, a panel appears with the list of next buses from that stop, updated live.

Note: if the user is not located in Antwerp, the system enters “demo mode” and places the user in a random point in Antwerp for demo purposes.

Bus stops static data:

Snap4city, De Lijn Open Data API;

Realtime bus information: De Lijn Open Data API.

Route Planner

Start typing your destination and select it from the list that will appear.

The system will compute in real time the best public transport route from your location to the chosen destination.

Bus stops static data: Snap4city, De Lijn Open Data API

Realtime bus information and route suggestions: De Lijn Open Data API.

Points of interest (possible destinations): Snap4city.

Realtime route monitoring

  • The app monitors your trip along the chosen route;
  • Upon arrival, you are shown points of interest close to your destination;
  • You are credited with points depending on route length and weather conditions.
Native HTML5 Geolocation API Points of interest around the destination: Snap4city.


Top Greenifiers (app users) are displayed in a ranking. Each week or month, the most virtuous, will get an extra discount as a “Model Greenifier”.

“Statistics”: here you can see your points, the number of your trees and how much CO2 you saved or captured.

“My Trees”: you can see all your trees (age, captured CO2, etc.) shown as cards with the CO2 they absorbed so far.

Greenifiers who decided to display their location are shown in a dedicated map while they are travelling.

Note: user registration is disabled for this demo.

Open Data about trees and CO2 absorption.

HTML5 Geolocation for user locations.

Air Quality

Real-time air quality indicators from the Antwerp monitoring stations.

You can see in real-time the pollution of the air in your city; if it’s a “red day” the theme will change and become red instead of green.

Air quality data: Snap4City


A list of local partners and discounts/benefits they give to Greenifiers.

Points of interest: Snap4city

Which data we use (sources):

  • Air quality data from Snap4City (JSON feed; “Air_quality_monitoring_station”)
  • Bus live info from DeLijn Open Data Portal (JSON feed)
  • Partners and Bus Stops POI from Snap4City (JSON feed)


Financial sustainability:

  • We will establish partnerships with public transportation, car sharing, carpooling and bike sharing companies.
  • We will establish partnerships with museums, restaurants, breweries, pubs, etc.
  • What’s the deal? We provide customers to partners; partners provide discounts for customers (10%) and give us a percentage of the total spending of the customer (for example 5%) that we will use to buy green belt land and plant trees.

Dashboard URL and name:

  • GreenifierAntwerp (embedded version of the HTML5 app; we suggest to use the native HTML5 app at to avoid size issues caused by the HTML embedding)

APP for web and mobile developed: