Snap4City Hackathon 2019: The Winners


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The April 30th, 2019 in Antwerp, the Snap4City Hackathon Award Ceremony took place.

An international commission of 6 jury members from Academic, City representatives and ICT officials selected the following winners for the two Hackathons: Antwerp and Helsinki.

Snap4City Antwerp Hackathon Winners

1st prize: The Greenifiers (Andrea Pescetti and Anrei Popa)



2nd prize: Lulla (Lucia Patalacci)



3rd prize: not assigned


Snap4City Helsinki Hackathon Winners

1st prize: AdSNAP (Márton Elődi)



2nd prize: 2PLE (Tommaso Falchi and Alessandro Petracchi) 



3rd prize: The Unlocker (Andrea Sonnellini)